Samsung Smart Home Smart Picks

Samsung Smart Home Smart Picks ()

Our Tallaght store has had a makeover! The store features an all new Samsung Smart Home - a section dedicated to some of the latest advances in home appliances and technology. To celebrate we’ve selected some of our top Samsung smart picks.


Samsung has brought Smart Home technology to your kitchen with the impressive Family Hub fridge freezer. The appliance has a Wi-Fi enabled touchscreen which you can use to control your music, leave notes for your family, check the news and weather and manage your grocery shopping to minimise food wastage. The fridge freezer also comes with integrated cameras, so you never need to worry about forgetting your shopping list again. You can also set freshness reminders, so you don’t forget about leftovers or any fresh vegetables hiding at the back. The bottom right section of the fridge is a CoolSelect Plus Zone™. This lets you adapt the space to suit your needs, so you can change it from a fridge to a freezer section with the touch of a button. Perfect for batch cooking or quickly cooling down drinks for a party.


Samsung has redefined colour with their QLED range. The range is certified to utilise 100% colour volume, which gives you real life colour in your own home. This makes it ideal for sports fans and binge-watchers. You’ll never have to close the curtains in your room again. With the Q Contrast and precision Black pro you’ll be able to see even the darkest scenes during the day: making it ideal for long gaming sessions.


The QE65Q9FN is the perfect feature for your living room, without dominating your space. You can opt for an ambient mode so you don’t have to leave the screen as a solid black panel when not in use. You can choose from stock décor photos, music, personal photos or news headlines and weather updates to help your TV integrate into your room. When in use, the QE65Q9FN will redefine how you enjoy your favourite content. The innovative Samsung colour technology gives you sharp detail, even in predominately white or black scenes.

HW-MS550 Soundbar

Enhance your TV audio via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, without all the mess of wires. You can also stream your favourite music and connect to your Amazon Dot to control your soundbar via Amazon Alexa. The wide-angle tweeter and 6 integrated speakers give amazing sound in every corner of the room. So, no one will be arguing over where to sit for movie night. The Bluetooth connectivity also means you can stream your favourite music via Spotify or your own personal music library. So, you get cinematic sound at home for boxset binging and a speaker for getting you in the mood for the weekend!

Galaxy Note9 Smartphone

 This Samsung smartphone has the power of a tablet with the convenience of a phone. We work, watch movies, check our social media and browse the internet on our phones. So, it’s important to get a device that has the processing power to keep up with you. The Note9 comes with Samsung’s 3rd generation Exynos 9810 processor: which can handle even the toughest jobs you throw at it. There is also an impressive 128GB of internal storage. So, you can keep important documents, photos and other content on your device for easy access.

Visit the Samsung Smart Home in our Tallaght store today to find out if your home is smart enough.