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WEEE'll Recycle For Free 

DID Electrical are proud to implement the WEEE Regulations and Battery Directive to ensure that your old appliances are disposed of in a safe, correct manner reducing any harmful effects to the environment.


WEEE recycling refers to the process of collecting, dismantling, and recycling electronic and electrical equipment at the end of their life cycle. It aims to recover valuable materials and components while minimizing the environmental impact of electronic waste.

WEEE includes a wide range of electronic and electrical devices, such as computers, laptops, mobile phones, televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, printers, and other household and office appliances.

After collection, the electronics are sent to recycling facilities where they undergo sorting, dismantling, and processing. Valuable materials like metals and plastics are separated and sent to appropriate recycling streams. Hazardous components, such as batteries and certain chemicals, are treated and disposed of safely.

WEEE'll Recycle For Free accepts both working and non-working electrical and electronic equipment. Whether your items are functional or not, you can still bring them in for recycling.

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DID Electrical have been awarded the accolade of Battery and WEEE Champion Pakman award for 2021. This award is in recognition of organisations that promote increased take-back of electrical recycling and awareness of the need to recycle these materials.

Although DID Electrical have always offered take-back of WEEE appliances, we have increased our efforts to raise awareness of our take-back service and the fact that no purchase is necessary to avail of this service. We continue to work on ways of encouraging additional take-back where possible.

The Pakman awards is the top national environmental award in Ireland that recognises excellence in recycling and waste management across Ireland.

If you have old domestic electrical appliances to be recycled, please feel free to drop them into any of our stores. There is no charge for availing of the take-back, and you do not need to have purchased appliances from us previously. We take back appliances large and small, if it has a battery or a plug, we are happy to take it!