Stay Safe Online

Stay Safe Online ()

Antivirus protects your laptop or tablet from viruses which can delete your data, share your private data with unknown users and corrupt the software of your computer. But what does all the terminology mean? And how can it keep you and your family safe online?  What is malware?

If you have been researching internet protection software then you have probably seen the term anti-malware cropping up. But what exactly is malware? Malware is any software which is specially designed to corrupt or gain unauthorised access to your device. Your antivirus software can detect malware and will warn you when you visit a website that is deemed unsafe.

Phishing emails

If someone is emailing you offering you millions of euros from a fund based in a foreign land that you've never been to? The likelihood is that this has been redirected to your spam folder. These emails are usually fraud emails seeking access to some of your personal information. The sender will usually request information such as passwords, account numbers and credit card details. It's important to note that a legitimate business will not ask you to confirm this information through email as it is not secure. These emails can often look legitimate as they might have names of banks or recognisable company names. If in doubt, do not engage with the mail and contact the company directly. Using antivirus software can protect you from fraudulent links and files within these emails.


A firewall is the security system your antivirus uses to block malware and unauthorised access to your device. It will block untrusted external networks and monitors all your network traffic. Your Firewall can also filter any applications which you may try to download to your laptop or tablet. So, your device is protected before and after an app has been downloaded and installed.    

Parental Control

Some antivirus software packages come with a parental control feature. This allows you to block certain websites and apps, apply search filters, control the amount of time your child spends online and monitor their activity. It's a great way of limiting the amount of time your child spends online while also ensuring that they stay safe when browsing the internet.