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Garden Lights

We love lights here at DID electrical, especially garden lights, and luckily for you, we stock quite a large range of them both in-store, and online. From full beam 400-watt floodlights to wall lights with motion sensors to solar string lights to stick lights, we are ready to meet your garden light needs. From 40-watt to 400-watt lamps, no garden is too big or too small, and you can rest assured that no budget will be too big or too small either.

Many of our high-quality lights are all-weather lights and work well in all conditions. With prices for many of our stick and string lights starting from as little as €10-15, you can rest assured that you will have top-quality lighting at as little cost as possible. If that was not enough, we have a collection of pocket LED torches in stock too, so you won't need to install or plant lights in your garden, simply store your new light in your drawer and relax.