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Get Your Kitchen Organised with DID

Here at DID, we know that our customers are always looking for the most efficient and space-conscious way to store food in their kitchen, which is exactly why we feel that a blog like this will go a long way. Proper food storage is not always easy (and not always cheap) but across our range of stores we look to make it as painless and cost-efficient as possible. So, below are 3 different storage solution ideas for the modern kitchen, along with 3 helpful storage tips that you can use today in your kitchen. You can thank us later.


You can't get your kitchen organised without considering your fresh food storage. Well, when it comes to storage in a kitchen, we don't think that there is a better solution than a high-quality fridge. Here at DID, we have a massive range of fridges ready to use right away. With appliances from companies such as Bosch, Candy, and Samsung, we have little and large food storage solutions for everyone at a host of different prices. So whatever your budget range, we've got you covered.

Modern fridges offer so much food storage due to their size and the number of mini-compartments within. One perfect example of a cheap and cheerful high-quality storage solution is the NordMende 250L Freestanding Tall Larder Fridge, which retails for around €380-400. Not only is that a great price for a 250L fridge, but the appliance itself also has three-door shelves, glass shelves for heavy-duty storage, and an auto-defrost feature, which means that your food won't freeze or get too cold to use.


Yet another high-class storage solution, the freezer is perfect for storing any food that you need to keep frozen for later use. Without a good freezer, you will need to get through any food you have within a few days, so if you like to plan your meals a few days ahead of time, then a freezer can be of great benefit. It's also a great way of reducing food wastage and encouraging you to batch cook. This saves energy and time down the road!

Here at DID, we have a massive range of freezers that will cater to any living space or budget, large or small. We house freestanding freezers, integrated freezers, and frost-free freezers, as well as freezers from brands such as Thor, Neff, and Bosch.

Want to hear something even better? Even if you cannot afford to pay for a new freezer (or fridge) all a once, you can avail of our Humm Finance options, where you can buy a brand new appliance now, and pay for it later on in instalments. It is the perfect solution for those who are a little cash-strapped coming into the new year.


If you are looking for the ultimate kitchen storage solution, look no further than the humble fridge-freezer combination. Here at DID, we have a solid range of high-quality fridge freezers that will make storage simple and effective. "Why choose a fridge freezer instead of a standalone fridge or freezer?" you might ask, well it is simple, for some homes you may be limited on space. A fridge freezer combines both appliances into one, saving you precious kitchen space. It also saves energy if your home has only a couple of people living in it. If you don't need all the space of a separate fridge and freezer then there's no need to use electricity to power them! So not only is all of the food in one place and you save electricity, but you can also save space in your kitchen for other appliances or storage solutions. Check out the full range of fridge freezers.

3 Top Storage Tips

It is worth noting that Safe Food has a set of refrigeration guidelines on its website if you are unfamiliar with the adequate storage times or regulations for different foods. However, we have a couple of top tips of our own when it comes to food storage:

  1. Don't freeze hot food: This might seem obvious, but you would be surprised at how many people are guilty of this food storage sin. As a general rule, hot food and ice don't mix very well. So if you stick hot food into a freezer, there are two risks. One, the hot food might start defrosting food around it, and as a result, it runs the risk of spoiling faster. Secondly, the hot food will raise the freezer's temperature which can cause strain on the freezer's motor and affect the life of your machine. 

  2. Organise your food based on the use-by date: This is a strategy that all supermarkets and shops use. Organising your food based on its use-by date so that the food nearer its end date is at the front means that you are far less likely to have a fridge full of outdated food. When we open our fridge, our eyes are always drawn to what is at the front, so in having a system where all of the older food is at the front and the newer food at the back, you run less risk of having rotten/out-of-date food lying about.

  3. Labels are your friend: If you like to store food in jars or containers, then it always helps to have everything labelled with the name of the food, when it was stored, and its best-before date written on it. This means that when you are looking for food or ingredients, you can pick what you need with ease, and you won't need to scour your fridge or freezer for the sauce or the meat you need for your dinner.