At DID, we pride ourselves on having a fantastic range of Chromebooks available to all consumers. Our collection consists of the two kings of the Chromebook game, Asus and HP. Chromebooks are a more affordable alternative to the laptop because they work from the Google Chrome OS. But don’t let it deter you, Chromebooks are just as, if not equally as powerful as the best laptops.

Each Chromebook is portable, easy to set up, and compatible with most laptop accessories available in -store as well, so you will never need to worry about having to buy special equipment or accessories, Chromebooks are all about offering you the most convenience, at the best prices.

Ideal for students, younger users, or someone that is looking for a powerful laptop at a good price, the Chromebook is hugely popular for a reason. Available in a range of sizes (11.5”-15.5”) and colours, drop into your local store, or call our online sales team today to have any questions answered and the right Chromebook found for you.

Why not avail of our Humm Finance option while you are at it? Approval takes less than 60 mins, and you can pay for your new device in instalments to suit your budget. Similarly, avail of our DID Protection plan to cover your Chromebook against any accidental damage, better safe than sorry.