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The Ultimate Freezer Buying Guide

When we say 'ultimate' we don't use that term lightly. That is why we want to provide you with the most efficient and comprehensive freezer buying guide possible so that you don't get 'cold feet' soon after making your purchase. (No more puns, we promise).

A good freezer or fridge-freezer combo is a key part of any modern kitchen, and many new freezers come with a host of features. Let's look at a few features that we think would make any freezer an instant buy.

  • Reversible doors:If your freezer has a reversible door, that means you adjust the hinges to allow you to open the door to the left or the right. This feature is particularly handy for households who don't have a lot of space for extra storage. It gives you a lot more flexibility in terms of placement for your appliances. Especially if you have to place it beside a door or window.
  • Safety Locks:A safety lock secures your freezer and prevents any unwanted entry. And while it's not a necessary feature to have on a freezer, it is useful if you plan on storing your appliance in your garage or have guests over often. It is also perfect if you have young children and you want more peace of mind.
  • Quick Freeze: Some freezers will have a power freeze or a quick freeze setting that we feel is really useful. It makes the internal environment as cold as possible to quickly chill meat, fruit, or other goods that you just added.

Styles of Freezer

There are several styles of freezers on the market, and at DID, we have a large collection ready to explore. Here are just some of the most popular freezer types:

Chest Freezers: They are often used in commercial settings, chest freezers are super-spacious and have hinged lids that can easily be opened and closed. The incredible space they offer means that you will need to have a large area ready for it, but if you have the space available, then they are a great option.

Freestanding Freezers: This is exactly what it says in the tin, a freezer that stands on its own. They will tend to be more expensive than a chest freezer, but they do cover less space, have more features, and a more modern look. Because of their vertical design, they allow easy access to stored items. Most of the items are at an eye level. The compartments in an upright freeze are stacked which is another reason why the stored items are easier to access and retrieve. This makes them a more attractive option for a kitchen than a chest freezer. You could also opt for an integrated freezer, perfect for an ultra-modern kitchen.

Fridge/Freezer combos: This is the ultimate food preservation tool. Why? because it helps you to store all of your fresh and frozen foods in one convenient place. There are fridge-freezer combos available with under and over-the-top freezer storage and an equal side-by-side style.

In-store and online, we stock some of the industry leaders when it comes to food freezing and refrigeration, such as Whirlpool, Bosch, and Samsung. If you stumble across one of these freezers and want to waste no time in acquiring it (but don't have the funds available right away) then consider our Humm Finance option, where you can get a quote, and buy now, pay later.

Looking to buy your next freezer here at DID? You are welcome to pop into one of our 23 stores nationwide to inspect our range of freezers for yourself but feel free to shop online too, and avail of our many exclusive deals as well as quick and efficient delivery. Plus, delivery for large items is only €24.99.

Why not avail of the installation service that we offer too? Prices are competitive, and we will even recycle your old machine.


What sized freezer would suit me best?Deciding on what freezer size and type would suit you best really depends on your budget, the space you have at home, and what you are looking for. In saying that, a good rule of thumb is 2.5 cubic feet per person in your house. So around 70 litres of fridge space per person.

How do I decide on the best fridge-freezer for my kitchen? The best fridge freezers maximise the freshness and lifespan of your food without pushing up your energy bills or being a hassle to live with. It is also important to look at size, features, and capabilities. Ask our team to give you the best advice so you end up with the perfect appliance for your home.

What do freezer and refrigerator settings do?The freezer and refrigerator settings allow you to adjust the temperature and other controls of the appliance. If a freezer or refrigerator is installed outside, in a garage or on a porch, the temperature may need to be adjusted to keep the appliance at the appropriate food-safe temperature.