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Lifestyle TVs

Lifestyle TVs are one of the coolest and most modern television design concepts on the market. Made to fit in seamlessly to your living room, they are the perfect viewing accessory for the modern home.

Both in-store and online, we stock a range of Samsung Lifestyle TVs and different coloured frames that will fit perfectly around your television and give it a unique look. The beauty of the lifestyle TV is that when you turn it off, a stunning work of art appears instead of a black screen. So it looks like a picture on your wall. This modern and seamless interchanging is something that we think is very special and is something that everyone should get the chance to experience. With 3D Dolby Atmos surround sound built-in and ranging in size from 43” to 75”, there is no denying that this unbelievable Samsung offering is worth considering.

Get a quote with Humm Finance through our site and get approved on finance in less than an hour. So you can buy now and pay later using an instalment method that suits you and your budget.

We have even partnered with AIG to bring you the DID Protection Plan in case you need any added protection. This will cover your purchase for accidental damage and will give you an extended warranty too, so if you run into any issues, we will have you covered.