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Top Picks on Netflix for the Weekend

The weekend is almost here. So, if you have no plans (or you have plans that will require a Sunday in front of the TV surrounded by carbs) than this list should help to curb the dreaded Netflix scrolling.  

1. Polar

A retired assassin gets hunted down by his old employer who now sees him as a liability. Starring Mads Mikkelsen and Vanessa Hudgens. A fast-paced action movie with a strong story-line, lots of guns and plenty of explosions. If you are a fan of The Punisher or John Wick than this film is a must-watch for the weekend!  

2. Wonder

  A ten-year-old boy born with a rare facial deformity joins a mainstream school for the first time. This film follows his struggle and the obstacles his family face as he makes friends, encounters bullies and tries to blend in with other kids. Starring Owen Wilson, Julia Roberts and Jacob Tremblay. This feel-good film is perfect for a Sunday afternoon rest day. Get the tissues out!  

3. Altered Carbon

Set in a dystopian science fiction cyberpunk universe, Altered Carbon is the story of Takeshi Kovacs, an ex-rebel, who is woken up 250 years after his 'death' in a new body and tasked with finding out who murdered a current titan of industry, Laurens Bancroft. Perfect for fans of Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell.  

4. The Breakfast Club

  A group of teenagers stuck in detention on a Saturday morning redefine high school social norms and try to become friends. Starring Emilio Estevez, Judd Nelson and Molly Ringwald. Released in 1985 this film has stayed a classic through the decades. If you have already seen it, you'll want to re-watch it. If you haven't, add this to your list!  

5. The Toys that Made Us

  A docu-series looking at all the toys that shaped childhoods over the years. The show looks at billion-dollar creations including Barbie, Star Wars and Lego. Perfect for a light bit of nostalgia. Plus, there are two seasons so there is plenty of binge-watching Netflix material!  

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