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Beat the Blackout - Top Gadgets to Buy in Case of a Blackout

They might not happen often, but when blackouts happen, they can be a nightmare. There is nothing worse than all of the electricity going in your area and not having anything work in your home because of it. What can we do to best avoid this? Well, the best thing we can do it to be properly prepared for it. A blackout is one of those things that seems like it doesn’t matter, but when it happens, we all wish we would have done something sooner. In this blog, we will provide you with some effective gadgets that will help you prepare for any electricity blackout.


Homeline Rechargeable LED Torch

Modern, powerful, and well-priced, this LED torch is perfect if you are experiencing a blackout. With 3 different light settings, more than 5 hours of battery life from one charge, and emergency flashing capabilities , you are spoiled for choice and blessed with quality. It is quite large and does require a charge, but when it is fully charged, it will help see you through the blackout.

Duracell 115.5mm Tough LED Torch

Measuring just over 11cm in length, this Duracell torch is the perfect compact solution to any blackout issues that you might be experiencing. With crystal clear LED and 40 lumens in the bulb, it offers super-clear light capabilities, and the fact that it is powered off of just one AA battery means that you are not relying on any electrical charge to keep it lit. The battery will typically provide you with over 2 hours of light, and with a range of 20-25 metres, you have no reason not to pick up such a high-quality item at such a low price.

Hama PD10-HD 10000 MAh Power Pack

The power bank is the ultimate answer to the question ‘how will I charge my phone if the electricity goes?’. Let’s be honest, if the electricity is going to go, it will go when our phones are on 10%, because of course it will… that is why having a power bank like the Hama PD10 at your disposal is such a godsend during a blackout. With Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 enabled, it will not only charge your phone in times of need but will do it quickly. This is a must-have for any home. We also love this gadget for travelling, no more hunting for a spare plug at the airport!

Roberts 1950’s FM/MW Revival Portable Radio

Are you a lover of the radio and all things vintage or retro? Then look no further than this, the Roberts 1950’s FM Radio. It is battery or mains operated, so can be used without electricity. It has a stunning vintage design, tone control, an easy-to-carry design, and includes outstanding sound quality too. So if you are sitting there in the darkness and want to listen to the radio (perhaps looking for that 1940s/50s vibe?) then this is what you need.

JBL Charge 5 Wireless Portable Speaker

Who doesn’t love a little music during a power outage? It is always important to keep spirits high, no matter how dark times ahead (or the room you are in) might be. That is why the JBL charge 5 is such a good purchase. When charged, it allows seamless Bluetooth connection, and with more than 20 hours of playback with one charge, you can dance the day or night away without needing any power. What’s even better is that you can charge your phone using the speaker too, so if your power bank is dead or you don’t have one at your disposal, you can always use the Charge 5. Charge by name, charge by nature.

 Eufy Solocam L40 Battery Powered Security Spotlight

Another unmissable gadget is the Eufy Solocam Security Spotlight. This spotlight camera sports crystal clear 2k resolution, is weather-resistant, has a 600-lumen spotlight, and can work for around 4 months off of a single charge, no electricity required. The camera even works with Alexa and Google assistant, so you don’t need to touch it to get it to work, and with colour night vision, face, and body detection added in there for good measure, it is safe to say that the Eufy Solocam Spotlight is comprehensive in what it offers.

Reolink Go Plus 4G 4MP Battery & Solar-Powered Smart Camera

If you are security conscious, then a power outage is your worst nightmare. However, thanks to the Solar powered smart camera collection from Reolink, now, even in times of no electricity, you can rest assured that your home is getting fully protected. With person and vehicle detection, battery and solar-powered functionality, motion-triggered recording, and infrared night vision just some of the many features associated with this brilliant camera collection, you are making a great investment by getting your hands on one of these.

If you have any questions or queries about any of the above products, then be sure to contact us, or pop into one of our 23 stores, where a sales assistant will be more than happy to assist you.