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Top Tips for Picking the Perfect Screen Size

Choosing the perfect TV screen size is an important part of your TV purchase. This decision can be influenced by a few factors such as budget, room layout and room size. If you are unsure of what size to go for, check out our top tips below, or drop into your local DID and our team will help you choose the best model to suit you.


There are TV sizes and specs to suit all budgets. We carry a wide range starting from 32" all the way up to 82"! There are lots of specs to consider when purchasing a TV and each of these can affect the final price. The larger the screen size, the more important the resolution. If you want to put a 55'  TV at the foot of your bed then you need to ensure that you have opted for a high-resolution screen to avoid pixilation. If you want a 32" TV to put in the kitchen for watching RTE news while dinner prepping, then you may be able to opt for a more entry-level model. If you are moving house or redesigning a room there can be other costs to consider too. Do you require a TV stand or wall mount? Will you need to have the TV installed and delivered? Will you need a soundbar? Remember to factor these into your budget when making your decision!  

Viewing Angles

Everyone has their favourite spot in the living room, but what happens when someone has planted themselves in YOUR spot? Viewing angle is an important consideration when choosing where to place your TV. You should place your TV no more than a 15degree angle above or below your eye line and within a 40degree angle to the left or right, to avoid having to strain your neck when watching (think of how uncomfortable the front seats of the cinema are in comparison to the back!) Once you have found the perfect spot for your TV, you can look at what screen size may suit you best. You may be limited if you want to place your TV in a corner spot so be sure to measure your area before you start shopping.

Seating Distance

Whether you opt for wall mounting or a TV stand, the size of your TV will dictate the minimum recommended seating distance. This is less of a factor with high-resolution screens but should still be taken into consideration. You also don't want to sit too far away from the screen as you can lose some of the detail the further away you move in relation to the screen size. Making sure that you have plenty of seating space for the size of your TV is an important factor to consider. A good way to save living room space is to wall mount your TV. Try to avoid mounting your TV over an electric fire or fireplace as the heat can damage the screen.

Check out our range of big screen savings here. You can also drop in-store or chat to us online about our range of TVs, soundbars, home entertainment offers and TV installation.