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Projector Screens

Projector screens are essential accessories for projectors, providing a smooth and clear display for your presentations, movies, and other visual content. These screens come in various sizes, materials, and features that enhance your viewing experience.

When it comes to selecting a projector screen, the size of the screen is a critical factor to consider. The screen's size should match the size of the projector's image output to ensure that the visuals are displayed correctly. Additionally, the screen's aspect ratio should be compatible with the projector's aspect ratio to avoid distortion.

The material of the screen also plays a significant role in the image quality. High-quality projector screens are made of materials such as vinyl, fibreglass, or fabric, and they offer excellent colour accuracy, brightness, and contrast. Some screens are also designed to be ambient light-rejecting, which helps to reduce the impact of ambient light in the room, resulting in sharper and clearer images.

In summary, projector screens are critical accessories for projectors, and choosing the right one involves considering factors such as size, material, and features. With the right projector screen, you can enhance your viewing experience and make your presentations or movie nights truly remarkable.

After selecting the projector screen that best suits your lifestyle and budget, feel free to visit one of our 23 nationwide stores or opt-in for a €5.99 delivery for small dimensions or €29.99 for large dimensions to get your product quickly and efficiently.

If you cannot afford to pay for your new purchase in full upfront, you can refer to our Humm Finance payment planner and spread your payments across multiple months.

In addition, our DID protection plan powered by AIG can provide peace of mind by offering accidental coverage for your new projector screen in case of any mishaps.