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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers

Looking to purchase the best gift for your coffee-addict friend or family member? Then don't miss our gift guide for coffee lovers. Find them the perfect coffee machine and make their Christmas morning even more special, especially if the kids have had them up for hours! 

A New Coffee Machine: What to Look For 

When buying a coffee machine for a coffee lover, it might seem like you won't even know where to start. With so many varieties of machines available and so much scope to get things wrong, it is always important to do your research first. But. here at DID, we have done that research for you. Here are three things to look for or consider before you commit to buying a coffee machine.

  1. How much will it get used?It might be well and good buying a coffee machine for someone that loves coffee, but if they are a sucker for Starbucks or Insomnia coffee and don't like change, then they might not use the machine at all. Similarly, the machine might not have the features within it that your coffee-loving friend is looking for. That is why you will need to know your friend quite well and should do your research before committing to any purchase.
  2. Is it easy to clean?Coffee lovers want one thing, good coffee. The last thing that they want to have to do is constantly clean their machine after every use. A coffee machine that is easy to clean or self-cleaning would be the absolute dream for any coffee lover. It means they can focus on the coffee they love, whilst not having to deal with all of the added extras.
  3. The price:This is a given and does not relate to the recipient as much as it relates to you and your budget. Before you buy any electronic or any gift, it is always important to set a budget and check what will give you the best bang for your buck. Luckily, many of the coffee machines that we stock both in-store and online are well-priced and packed full of features that your coffee-loving friend will be sure to love.

Our Favourite Coffee Machine Brands

Below, we have four separate sections, each one dealing with a different coffee maker manufacturer. If the mini-guide above was not enough help for you, then we are sure that the buying guide below will make your choice of which coffee machine to buy for your friend/family even easier.


Nespresso is a leader in the field of great coffee making, and its range of smooth and stylish coffee machines is evidence of this. In-store and online we stock a large selection of well-priced Nespresso coffee machines that we know will go down a treat. Each of the machines is a pod machine, meaning that the user can buy the pods they like and make the coffee they want the most instantly. All they need to do is fill the water tank up, and with the turbo-heat feature that many Nespresso machines seem to have, they don't even need to wait long before enjoying their first sip.

Now the range that we have in store varies in price from €80-€250, and with more expensive machines having extra features attached like a milk frother or variable capsule sizes, with Nespresso, you really do get what you pay for. But at the same time, if the lower-end machines are all your budget can take, then know that they pack quite a punch themselves.


Another leading coffee maker brand is De'Longhi. De'Longhi has been making high-quality coffee products and machines for years and is not just a connoisseur of the coffee machine. They have also perfected the kettle and the toaster, and many De'Longhi kettle and toaster sets are also available (Shameless plug).

When it comes to De'Longhi and their range of coffee machines, they are not known to do things in half measure. Their flagship bean to cup coffee machine sells at anywhere between €550-800 depending on what sales we have going, and their espresso and cappuccino maker will typically go for between €250-300. If you are looking for a more high-end coffee machine for a friend or family member, then look no further than De'Longhi.


Did we mention that Delonghi was expensive? Right we should probably introduce SAGE coffee machines with a warning then because some of the price tags on their flagship items are HIGH. The flagship bean to coffee machine will set you back over €2000, but with the seamless finish, the incredible suite of features, and the unbelievable coffee that it delivers, that is just a small price to pay for greatness.

If greatness is a little too expensive, well, SAGE have a couple of other options on the table, but just be aware that even their cheapest pump machine will set you back around €250. Built for excellence, the SAGE coffee machine line might be ideal for a coffee shop rather than a coffee lover, but if you have the means to buy one, then it is a priceless gift for any coffee enthusiast.


Last but not least, we have Bosch Tassimo, and you will be happy to hear that the Tassimo range is very affordable! Which makes it the perfect gift for a friend or Kris Kindle! Our range of Tassimo pod machines starts at around €50, and you would be hard-pressed to pay more than €150 for even their best model. With a suite of great features at a price that won't make your eyes water, the Tassimo collection is a great option if the price is your driving deciding factor.