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Fridge Freezers

Whether you are looking into purchasing a freestanding, integrated, USA style or a multi-door style fridge freezer, you can find your ideal solution in our extensive range of fridge freezers.

If you require any further help in finding the most suitable solution to answer your refrigeration needs, you could check our online buying guide where you could find answers to the most common questions.

When it comes to installing your new appliances, you need someone you can trust. We have been installing electrical appliances for over 50 years - so it's safe to say we know what we're doing.

Choose a DID Protection Plan powered by AIG and save yourself time and expense if an issue arises. DID Protection Plans are a complete warranty, offering unlimited service calls and accidental damage, giving yourself peace of mind with your new fridge freezer.

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How do I choose the right size fridge freezer for my home?

When selecting a fridge freezer, consider the available space in your kitchen or designated area. Measure the height, width, and depth to ensure the fridge freezer fits properly. Additionally, consider the capacity you need based on your household size and food storage needs.

How often should I defrost my fridge freezer?

Most modern fridge freezers are frost-free, which means they automatically defrost on their own. However, if you have a traditional freezer that requires manual defrosting, it is generally recommended to defrost it at least once a year or when the frost build-up reaches around 0.5 cm to 1 cm in thickness to maintain optimal performance.

How can I increase the energy efficiency of my fridge freezer?

To improve the energy efficiency of your fridge freezer, ensure that the door seal is intact and does not have any gaps. Avoid keeping the door open for extended periods and make sure the temperature settings are appropriate for your needs. Additionally, keep the coils and vents clean and free from dust and debris, and avoid placing hot or warm items directly into the fridge freezer as it can make the compressor work harder, consuming more energy.

For more information on Fridge Freezers, be sure to check out our buying guide.