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Light Bulbs

With electricity prices soaring and the cost-of-living crisis intensifying, we must look to save money in as many ways as we can. One way we can save a lot of money is by buying energy-efficient lightbulbs. Here at DID, we have a large selection of LED lightbulbs ranging in price but maintaining the same high quality throughout.

In each of our 23 stores and online we stock a range of great bulbs & LED bulbs from leading brands such as Wiz, Philips, and Nanoleaf. We also have single bulbs, 2-packs, and 3-packs that will save you money and effort if you have more than one bulb that needs changing. Similarly, stocking just one type of bulb would be boring, that is why we have a selection of styles available here at DID, from smart bulbs to LED bulbs, to regular light and colour-changing bulbs, we have you covered. 

Can’t make it into the store, why not order your bulb or bulbs for fast and efficient delivery? Our small item delivery is only an added €5.99, so you don’t need to worry about spending money when you are looking to save it.