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At DID, we don't just focus on electrical appliances and gadgets, we also have tools for you amateur astronomers too. Both in-store and online, you can browse our selection of telescopes that are perfect for sky or star-gazing. We have brands like Celestron and Zhumell stocked, both of which are seen as industry leaders in the area of telescope creation. Each telescope in the collection also comes with a tripod, accessories, and eyepieces/lenses to ensure you get the most comfortable and high-quality viewing possible.

Prices range from €140-600, but whilst the zoom capabilities, size, and shapes of the telescopes might differ, our overall quality is unbeatable. So take that giant leap today, and drop into one of our 23 stores, where you won't need a telescope to find a great deal. Alternatively, you can shop online and order your new telescope for delivery. Delivery is fast and effective, and at only€5.99, it won't break the bank.

Not only that, but we also have a range of DID Protection plans available that will ensure that even if your telescope gets damaged, you are covered, and you get an extended warranty. What’s not to love?