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LED Bulbs

With the cost of living getting higher and higher as the weeks and months go on, it is so important to find ways to save money around the home.  Here at DID, we have a large collection of LED bulbs from companies like Philips that will not only illuminate your home but will also save you money in the long term.

LED bulbs are highly energy efficient and with our collection coming in a range of wattages, shapes, and sizes, we are sure that you will find a bulb that is just perfect for you. Our collection ranges in price from €4- €30, so whatever your preference, whether it is a filament candle-shaped bulb or a smart Wi-Fi powered LED colour-changing lightbulb that you need, we have most certainly got you covered.

Pop into one of our 23 stores nationwide and chat with our esteemed team of sales assistants, or shop online and avail of some cracking deals.