Baking for Beginners- DID's Basic Baking Tips

Baking for Beginners- DID's Basic Baking Tips ()

Always measure and weigh your ingredients

Once you've read the recipe, reread it! The measurements for baking must be exact, even small variations can completely change the consistency and textures of your cakes and other treats. Always double check your measurements and be sure you are not accidentally counting in the weight of your bowl. If you are using a digital scale than be sure to reset the scales between measuring.    


Let the butter get to room temperature

Have you ever tried spreading real butter on bread just after taking it out of the fridge? It's almost impossible. Combining rock hard butter can be difficult and you can end up with little lumps of butter through your batters or doughs. Take the butter out of the fridge an hour before baking and it will be far easier to work with.    


Prep your ingredients before you start

Preparation is crucial in baking. Prepping well will ensure that you have all the correct measurements and they are ready to add as needed.    

Clean as you go!

Keep your work surfaces clean while you are baking or cooking. After finishing your prep, tidy away anything you don't need. This will give you plenty of space to get creative and you won't be faced with a mountain to clean when you are finished.    


Preheat your oven

Always preheat your oven before adding in your creations. You can invest in an oven thermometer if your oven does not have one built-in. This give you an extra temperature gauge which is crucial for baking items like soufflés or roasting meats. You should try not to open the oven, especially while your cakes and pastries are rising. As you open the oven you are letting cool air enter which alters the temperature. If you need to check on your creations quickly remove them from the oven, test and get it back in if needed. You want to try to keep the temperatures as consistent as possible while baking.


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