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Last Minute Gift Ideas: Christmas 2022

Christmas is probably the most joyous time of year for many people, but at the same time, if you are not prepared, it can be one of the most stressful times of year to boot. There are definitely two types of people when it comes to buying gifts, those that have their gifts sorted good and early, and those that are running store-to-store Christmas week looking to buy whatever they can find. In this short and sweet article, we are looking to help those unorganised souls, who, for whatever reason, have left things right up to the last minute. Below is a range of different last minute gift ideas that we think you will absolutely fall in love with.

The list will offer goods that range in price, so you can find something regardless of your budget, and hey, who knows? You might like some of the stuff so much that you keep it for yourself. And do you know what? We wouldn’t blame you.


If you want to play it a little safe and don’t mind spending money, headphones are always a good option. Now we recommend you check to see if the lucky recipient already has earphones or headphones. However, if you know they need a new pair, and nobody else has thought of getting them, this is a no-brainer.

Here at DID, we offer a wide selection of headphones and earphones ranging in price from €30 to €700, so you are certainly not short on options. What’s more, we are always running great sales both in each of our stores and online, so whether it is over-ear noise-cancelling headphones or sweat-resistant workout-ready earphones that you are considering, what are you waiting for?

Our Pick: JBL Tune 510BT On-Ear Wireless Headphone€49.99

Looking to pick up a pair of headphones that are high in quality but don’t fancy breaking the bank? Then these wireless beauties by JBL will do the trick. JBL are a leading audio brand, and for less than €50, they make a perfect gift because they are high in quality, but low in price. The perfect gift or stocking filler.


One of our favourite last-minute gift ideas, a tablet is a fantastic choice for anyone that is happy to spend a little money getting a gift for someone special this Christmas. Unlike the headphones you see above, tablets will run a little more expensive, with the best quality tablets starting at around €150 (we have cheaper kids tablets too, by the way). From Samsung to Apple iPads, we have the best selection here at DID. We also have tablet accessories and even tablet cases too, so you can get the full package!

Our Pick: Apple iPad A13 64GB Tablet€449.99

Apple has been one of the leading tablet brands for many years now, and its quality is, in the opinion of many, unbeatable. The new iPad comes with the A13 chip, Apple's fastest processor, and 64GB of space. Plus it has over 10 hours of battery life, super-fast GPU, crystal clear screen quality, an amazing camera, and iPadOS 15, allowing for quick and seamless interchangeability between apps.

Considering the price, we should also mention our partnership with Humm Finance. With Humm, you can apply for a quote, and if you qualify, Humm will let you buy your new iPad and pay for it later in instalments. It is the ideal solution if you want to get your hands on a new iPad as a gift, but don’t want to pay for it immediately.

Coffee Machines

Are you friends with a coffee lover? Perhaps a new coffee machine will help to perk up their kitchen. Here at DID, we stock a range of coffee machines from brands such as Sage, Bosch Tassimo, and Delonghi. We have machines for every budget and every type of coffee lover. Many of our machines can be found on sale at a great price, so don’t delay. Our range of machines varies in price from €79.99 up to €600, so regardless of how much money you have or how much you or your friends like coffee, there is a machine here for everyone.

Food Prep

Need last minute gift ideas for a foodie? Then perhaps one of the kits that we have in our food prep collection will be of use. With Nutribullets, blenders, food processors, the highly coveted air fryers and hand blenders all available in-store and online, you won’t be short of options.

Heated Blankets

Considering that Irish winters can get pretty cold, an electric blanket might be the best option for you. Not only are they well-priced, but they are not too common, so they will certainly be appreciated and used. We recommend this Morphy Richards under blanket, which retails for only €39.99. A quality gift idea at a great price. 

Looking for a fun stocking filler? Try out this electric hot water bottle!

Gift Cards

If all else fails, perhaps a DID gift card will do the trick. We have online gift cards, in-store gift cards, or commercial gift cards ready to be picked up in-store or sent out to your address. The ideal gift option for anyone that is completely stuck on what to buy in the days leading up to Christmas.

Happy Christmas from all the Team here at DID Electrical ðŸŽ„