Robot Vacuum Cleaners

The gold standard in modern cleaning, the robot vacuum cleaner is a perfect option for anyone looking to buy a device that takes the Y out of DIY. Both in-store and online we stock a variety of robotic vacuum cleaners from bothSamsung and Eufy for your convenience. The best part is, not only are they highly portable, convenient, and modern, but they are also really well priced. Starting at €295 and moving up to €1300 for more advanced models, our robotic vacuum collection is ideal for someone looking to modernise the way that they clean their home. Operated through an app on your smartphone, these vacuums are the ultimate modern cleaning accessory.

Are you desperate for a taste of the future of cleaning but are put off by the expensive price tags? Well fear not because we have partnered with Humm Finance. You can apply for a quote, and within 60 minutes, you can buy the robot vacuum of your dreams, and pay later in instalments. So drop into the store and chat with one of our experienced team or contact our online sales team who are always happy to help.