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For years, LG has been at the top of the mountain when it comes to creating high-quality televisions that people have come to love. Here at DID, we are fully aware of the quality that LG brings to the table, which is why we take pride in stocking many of their products, especially their televisions.

From 32-inch HD TVs to 77-inch QLED behemoths, LG truly has amassed quite the collection of TVs, and we are delighted to have them in-store and online. Regardless of your budget, and irrespective of why you are looking to buy a new TV, we are sure that LG is the brand for you.

Each LG television we stock comes with smart TV functionality, making it compatible with your favourite apps, from Netflix to Disney+, to Now TV; with LG’s seamless on-screen design, you will have no issues browsing for hours on end. 

We have written a great article on why you should be choosing an LG OLED or LED TV for your home today.

Yes, a new TV can be a luxury but fear not because thanks to Humm Finance, you can buy the LG TV of your dreams now and pay for it later on in instalments. We also have a large range of television accessories and wall mounts that you can pick up in one of our 23 stores nationwide or online. This will help give your home an even more modern look and will make the viewing experience that LG is so good at providing even more enjoyable.