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Food Mixers

We like to think that here at DID, we cater to all chefs and bakers alike. That is why we are proud of our food mixer collection because it ranges greatly in price so that anyone hoping to buy a new mixer can do so without feeling like they have to break the bank.

From Kenwood stand mixers to Russell Hobbs hand mixers to blenders and blitzers, there is such a large collection of mixers available to choose from, not just in-store but online too.

Are you a cake-baking aficionado? Then perhaps one of our stand mixers will work well for you, especially our Kenwood or Bosch varieties. Are you operating on a budget? Then maybe an entry-level stand mixer or a simple hand mixer will do the trick. Each mixer that we stock has its own unique set of features, but regardless of what you are looking to achieve, you should have no problem finding the perfect mixer for your kitchen in no time.

We have 23 stores nationwide that you can always pop into. A staff member is always on hand to help you if needed and they are happy to answer any questions you might have. Similarly, we have even partnered with AIG to bring you the DID Protection Plan in case you need any added protection. This will cover your purchase for accidental damage and give you an extended warranty too.