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Gaming Headphones: The Audio Buying Guide

Improve Your Gaming Experience with the Best Gaming Headphones in 2023: A Comprehensive Review and Buying Guide

If you are a gamer, then you understand that it is not all about the visual quality, there is a lot to be said for audio quality and how much importance it has as well. Gaming headphones have improved greatly over the last few years, and leading technology brands have jumped on the trend and worked to create some of the most high-quality pieces of gaming audio equipment on the market. In this article, we look to dive into the world of gaming audio, addressing why you might want to upgrade your gaming headphones, what brands are worth checking out, and what to consider before you buy.

The 5 Essentials

In our opinion, 5 essentials need to be considered before buying any gaming headset; each of these 5 points carries equal importance and should be looked at in detail before you buy.

Comfort: If you are a serious gamer, then you will want to game for hours; that is a given. One crucial point to consider if you plan on enjoying long gaming sessions with your new gaming headphones is their comfort level. Now comfort comes in different forms, but as a general rule, the size of the earcups, the amount of padding around the ear, and the headband itself should be looked into. There would be nothing worse than paying a lot of money for an audio set that is uncomfortable or irritates your head.

Microphone? Not only should gaming headphones have a good microphone, but it should also have good sound output. After all, you want to hear the game, but you also want to be heard. It is better to choose a unidirectional mic for clarity if you play alone. In that case, the sound is clearer and more transparent. Regardless, especially if you are going to play with teammates, then consider buying a headset with a microphone attached.

Noise Cancellation: Nothing is worse than when you are trying to enjoy your game, and suddenly you can hear people around you chatting or messing. As a gamer, you know all about the importance of staying focused, so having a pair of headphones with noise cancellation will help block out distractions and keep you focused on having the best in-game experience possible.

Quality of Sound: The main reason for buying any piece of gaming audio is… you guessed it.. sound. The first thing that should be considered when buying new audio equipment to improve your gaming experience is how good the sound is. We discussed noise cancellation above, but that is not in the same boat as sound quality. Many of the best gaming headsets have built-in Dolby surround sound, allowing you to hear every crack, creek, and whisper in-game. You will pay more for quality but tend to get what you pay for.

Price: Speaking of paying, it would be a good idea to set a budget (if you have one) and pick out 2-3 different options at that price point. Unless you happen to be after a very specific headset, then it is always best to keep options open and do your research before you buy. One important factor in that research is the price, so always keep an eye on sales or deals. Luckily for you, here at DID, we have a large collection of gaming audio headsets ready to rock at various prices to suit various budgets.

Why Upgrade your Gaming Headset?

Perhaps you already own a headset, or you feel like you don’t need one for your gaming, but if any part of you is considering changing things up a little, we think that is a decision that you won’t regret. Why? Well, there are a couple of reasons why the gaming headsets we stock in-store are the real deal:

  • For one, gaming headsets provide you with the best audio quality so that you are more immersed in the experience. For example, playing the latest Call of Duty or FIFA game with TV sound is cool and all, but with a quality gaming headset or piece of gaming audio, you can feel like you are actually on the battlefield or on the pitch in the flesh.
  • Gaming headsets have a built-in mic that allows you to communicate with your gaming buddies or teammates while playing online. This is important in team-based games such as Overwatch or Call of Duty. In team-based games, it is crucial to be in constant communication with your fellow teammates.
  • They can help to prevent distraction and allow you to stay focussed on the game. Are people chatting around you? Is the baby crying? Loud noises coming from the street? With a good-quality headset, none of these should be a problem anymore. (aside from the baby crying, you should probably check on that)

What brands are best? Where can you get them?

At DID, we stock a range of exciting and high-quality brands that are taking the gaming headset scene by storm. With prices ranging anywhere from €40-200, there is something in our collection for everyone. Take a look in-store and online, where you will see brands like SteelSeries, Corsair, EKSA, and EPOS.

Our range boasts wired, wireless over-ear gaming headsets that are noise cancelling, well-priced, and of the best audio quality and output. Each has a microphone so you can connect with your friends or teammates and have soft padding around the ears and headrest so that you are comfortable at all times. What is not to love?

If you are not sure what gaming headset might suit you best, do not hesitate to contact your local store, where one of our team would be happy to help you. You can always drop in and have a look at our collection for yourself. Getting a feel for the headset before you commit is usually best. You can also check out our wide range of other gaming accessories, such as gaming chairs, controllers and monitors.