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Whirlpool Microwaves

When it comes to creating microwaves and modern microwave technology. Each microwave has built-in functionality and has between 22L-40L of capacity, making it convenient, modern, and well-equipped to deal with any type of food. Their 22L model is the most affordable at €400 and has 750-watts of power as well as a range of features like 3D technology, child lock protection, steam-cooking capabilities, and Jet Start functionality that will make reheating food super easy.

But it is the range of 40L and 900-watt microwaves that are the real star of the show. These microwaves will range in price from €500-750 but their convenience and quality is unparalleled.

Pop into one of our 23 stores today and take a look at the Whirlpool microwave collection up close and personal. You can also ask our range of store assistants for guidance if needed. Failing that, you can always order online for click and collect, or fast and effective delivery.