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Introducing our latest collection of cutting-edge technology products! From electric scooters for a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transportation to drones for capturing stunning aerial footage, and dash cams for added safety on the road. Our camera selection is perfect for vlogging and capturing life's moments.

We also offer a variety of health and well-being products to help you stay on top of your fitness and wellness goals. And for outdoor enthusiasts, we have a great selection of binoculars and telescopes for exploring the great outdoors.

Lastly, we have a wide variety of fun and interactive toys that will keep you entertained for hours. Whether you're looking to upgrade your tech or just want to try something new, our technology collection has something for everyone.

Once you have decided on the computing solution that best suits your lifestyle and budget, pop into one of our 23 stores nationwide, or pay €5.99 smalls / €29.99 large for quick and efficient delivery.

Don’t have the funds to pay everything up-front? Then consult our Humm Finance payment planner and spread your computing payment across multiple months.

Furthermore, our DID protection plan powered by AIG will help provide peace of mind by giving you accidental cover in case something happens to your new computing device.