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Oil Rads

This might not come as a surprise, but in Ireland it is not only cold in the winter. For many months of the year, we could all do with a little extra heat around the home. The only issue is, there might be times where you only want to keep one room warm and turning on the heating for the whole house might drive those heating bills up a little. If only there was a compromise… oh wait, there is, portable oil powered radiators.

Here at DID we have a small selection of high-quality oil rads that we think would suit your home perfectly. Both in-store and online, we stock some of Winterwarms best products, from 0.5-2KW radiators, meaning regardless of how large your room is, you will be kept warm and toasty.

Be sure to pop down to one of our 23 stores across Ireland, where you can ask our store assistants for help and view our range of oil rads for yourself. Alternatively, you can always order your new oil rad online for delivery or for click and collect. At DID, we make things easy for you, while you keep yourself and your family warm. What’s not to love?