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Extension Leads

Look, we all need more plugs in our house. Especially now seeing as the world has become more digital, plugs, and plug space are more important than ever. Thanks to the large range of extension leads that we stock both in-store and online, now you can have more space to plug in electricals, appliances, and accessories both inside and outside of your home. Perfect for the office, the bedroom, or the garden, the extension lead is now a must-have around the home, and best of all, they are not expensive at all.

Here at DID, we stock everything from standard extension leads to surge protection leads to 20-metre cable reels, so whether you need a reel to help make gardening easier, or you are just looking for an extension lead to allow you to plug in a laptop or phone, we have you covered.

Pop into one of our 23 stores across ireland or check out our website, where you can arrange for small appliance delivery or click and collect.