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Electronics Recycling: WEEE Explained

Have you ever seen the term ‘WEEE Recycling’ and wondered what it meant? Have you ever questioned whether or not recycling really is worth it? Have you ever wondered how you might be able to recycle an electronic? If so, then we have the answers for you below.

What is WEEE Recycling?

WEEE recycling, or Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Recycling, ensures that goods which would normally be brought to a landfill or burned are reused and recycled properly, encouraging the creation of new appliances. It is a safe, effective, and eco-friendly way to get rid of an appliance, and here at DID, we are proud supporters of the WEEE initiative.

In fact, not only do we champion WEEE, we have been recently recognised for our recycling work and efforts, and in 2021 we were awarded the Battery and WEEE Champion Pakman award.

Did you know that you don’t even have to have bought a product to utilise our WEEE recycling initiative? That’s right, if you have an old appliance and are looking for somewhere to recycle it, then feel free to drop them into one of our stores free of charge. So we are happy to take any electrical, whether it is a battery, a microwave or an American Fridge Freezer combo.

Why Recycle Electronics?

This should not even need to be a question, in all honesty, because by now, I think we all know that recycling is a net positive. So let’s remind ourselves just why recycling is so important, just in case you might have forgotten.

Recycling paper and wood helps save trees and forests being destroyed by deforestation at alarming rates. Similarly, recycling plastic, means that less new plastic has to be made. Considering the fact that plastic is made from hydrocarbons found in fossil fuels, the less plastic, the better. So yes, by recycling, you are helping to preserve what few natural resources we have left.

On top of helping to preserve natural resources, recycling helps to protect wildlife. If we fail to properly recycle plastic, for example, you might find that it blows or is washed into rivers or seas, polluting coastlines or beaches and harming ocean life.

Finally, recycling effectively can save energy. Did you know that with the energy saved from recycling one glass bottle, you can power an old 100-watt light for up to 4 hours and a new LED bulb for nearly a day? Take a look at some of our state-of-the-art smart lights here.

Here are 5 benefits of effectively recycling your old appliances with WEEE and us here at DID:

  1. It will reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfills that are bad for the environment

  2. It is completely free, and you don’t need to have purchased a product
  3. You are doing your bit to help prevent pollution
  4. Recycling creates jobs and allows initiatives like WEEE to flourish

  5. Recycling is good for the soul and will help you feel like you are doing your own little bit for the planet

How to Recycle Electronics

Recycling electronics is super-simple and can be done by anybody. We would recommend here at DID that you drop your appliance into us and let us take care of it for you. After all, we are award-winning when it comes to recycling. If, by chance, you cannot make it to one of our 20+ nationwide stores, there are other ways that you can effectively recycle electronics.

For one, you can take it to a nearby recycling or donation centre, who will dispose of the appliance correctly. Simply, you can always donate the appliance to a store that will reuse parts to create other new appliances. It’s a win-win.

One thing that you should never do is put batteries or electrical appliances into the bin. Many electrics contain hazardous materials, and they can increase harmful emissions if not disposed of correctly.

Recycling here at DID

Here at DID, WEEE will recycle your old appliance for free, so there is never any need to worry about paying for recycling or wondering what to do with your old appliance once your new one arrives. Each of our stores nationwide offers a professional and efficient recycling service. So if you ever need to use it, it is only a click away. Check out our landing page on WEEE recycling right here for more information on what we do and why we are so good at it.