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Cooking Appliance FAQs

Here at DID, we are regularly asked questions about cooking and various cooking appliances. We are always on hand, either online or in one of our 23 nationwide stores, to answer your questions. However, we have compiled a list of 30 of the most commonly asked questions concerning cooking appliances, so hopefully, this exhaustive list will help make life easier.

Which type of hob is best?

This completely depends on what you are looking to do with your cooking at home and how much you are willing to spend. If you want something modern, effective and controlled then an induction hob is the way to go. However, if you are looking for something a little friendlier on your wallet, an electric ceramic hob might be more your style. Check out all of our hobs here.

Is there a standard size for a hob?

There is not a one-size-fits-all approach to hob size and design; however, most hobs range between 60-85cm in length. The size of your hob will depend on the style of cooking you enjoy. If you enjoy baking and roasting you may not need a large hob. If you are limited in counter space, you can opt for a smaller hob and an integrated microwave or combi oven for reheating food.

Which electric hob is the cheapest to run?

If you have an electric hob, then you won’t need to worry about which one is ‘cheapest’, because they are all similarly priced in terms of running costs. Some functions will use more power, such as the power boost function in an induction hob. 

Gas hobs can also be cost-effective and they have the added bonus of being 'blackout friendly' because you don't have to rely on electricity.

What is the difference between induction and ceramic hobs? 

An induction hob has a more complex heating system through the use of electromagnets. This means that induction hobs will also heat up a lot faster. Induction hobs also allow the user greater control over the temperature. 

If you are working on a budget, induction hobs are generally more expensive than ceramic ones. 

What are the disadvantages of induction hobs?

Aside from the price tag, the main con associated with the induction hob is that you need separate induction-compatible cookware for it, which can also be quite expensive if you have already accumulated all of your cookware. n easy way to test if your cookware is induction compatible is to check if the bottom of your pots and pans are magnetic. If a magnet sticks to them, then you can use them on your induction hob. 

What happens if you use a normal pan on an induction hob?

Nothing as long as the pan is made with magnetic-based material. You can use materials such as cast iron, steel, and aluminum. If yu tried to use a pan that is not magnetic on the bottom then the connection will not be made and the pan will not heat up. 

What should I look for when buying a hob?

Three key things to consider before buying a hob are how much counter space you have (so you know what size to buy), and know what style of hob you are looking for, be it a gas hob, an electric hob, or a ceramic hob. Finally, you should also keep an eye on the price and features of each hob. Ask our team in-store or online which is the best hob for your home. 

Which is better a ceramic hob or a solid plate hob?

While both styles of hob are different, a ceramic hob is more modern and energy-efficient. To that end, if you take the larger price out of the equation, a ceramic hob is likely the better choice.

How do I choose a kitchen hob?

Choosing a kitchen hob is simple, just explore our hob collection here

What is the best make of cooker to buy?

That depends on what you are looking for. Here at DID, we have a massive collection of cookers from leading brands like Hotpoint, Bosch, Samsung, and Miele.

Which is the best freestanding cooker to buy?

This depends on your budget and on the features that you are looking for. We have a large selection of cookers here at DID, from brands like Zanussi, PowerPoint and Hotpoint.  One of our popular freestanding cookers is the Hotpoint 50cm Freestanding Ceramic Electric Cooker; coming in at around €500, it has everything that you need. If you are looking for the best budget freestanding cooker then check out this Thor 50cm option. It's perfect for most homes' day-to-day cooking. 

What are the most energy-efficient cookers?

When comparing gas, electric and induction cookers, the most energy efficient is the induction cooker/hob. This can vary depending on how you use your appliance. If you regularly use your hob to reheat, why not invest in a microwave? If you love to make casseroles and stews, why not purchase a slow cooker or a pressure cooker? These smaller appliances are generally cheaper to run and can help to reduce your energy bills. 

What should I look for when buying a cooker?

When buying a cooker you should always look at the price, the features that it provides, how energy efficient it is, and of course, whether or not it will fit into your kitchen design. Here at DID, we have a large range of cookers that vary in width from 50-60cm, so it is important to know which size will fit your kitchen.

Are electric cookers better than gas cookers?

Electric cookers can cost more to run than gas cookers, however, electric cookers are often better at heating food quickly and tend to be easier to clean. So what you are losing in money, you are saving in time. The choice will usually come down to what is possible in your kitchen. Some homes do not have gas as an option and some homes have it already installed. Just remember, you should always employ a certified gas installer to install any new gas appliances in your kitchen. 

What range cooker is best?

With a great selection of range cookers available both in-store and online, you are spoiled for choice. Although expensive, range cookers are a top-quality purchase and the best range cooker for you will be the one with the most features you are looking for. With a variety of Belling, Rangemaster, and Leisure 

ovens at our disposal, we are sure that you will find the best choice for you.

Who is Rangemaster made by?

Rangemaster is part of the Middleby Corporation, a leading global provider of commercial kitchen equipment. For more than a century, they have provided some of the best kitchenware on the market, and Rangemaster is no different.

What is the standard size of a range cooker?

It depends on the brand and model. Some range cookers might only be 65-70cm in width. However, it is much more common to see a range cooker coming in at about 90-100cm in width.

Is Rangemaster owned by AGA?

Yes, AGA Rangemaster Group Ltd owns a number of brands, not only Rangemaster itself. Some of the most well-known brands include Fired Earth, Marvel, and La Cornue.

What is the lifespan of a Rangemaster cooker?

Rangemaster cookers are built to last up to 15 years, but with great care, you can get an even longer out of them.Always refer to the product manual before cleaning or using chemicals on your Rangemaster. Avoid abrasive products which can scratch and damage the appliance.

What is special about a range cooker?

As well as being flexible, large in size, and feature-packed, a range cooker is the perfect family cooking tool and can cook incredible food quickly. They are showstopping pieces which give your kitchen a stunning focal point. They also come in a range of colours and styles. 

What is the difference between a freestanding cooker and a range cooker?

Aside from price, a range cooker differs from a freestanding cooker in that it has more oven space (possibly another oven too), more hob selection (up to 7 or 8), a wider size, and a grill too.

What is the best home oven brand?

There are so many great home oven brands to choose from, and the best for you will depend on your style of cooking. In each of our stores and online, we have a large selection of double ovens and single ovens coming in at a range of price points. They are ideal for anyone shopping on a budget, looking for premium brands or are searching for additional features. We stock ovens from amazing brands such as Electrolux, Neff, Miele, Bosch,  De Dietrech, Samsung, Whirlpool and more. 

Which type of oven is best for baking?

Any type of oven is good for baking so long as the temperature is accurate. Some ovens have quick heating features that will help heat up the oven cavity quickly.. Some will have higher heat and pre-heat thresholds, and some will have multi-flow technology, which will bake cakes evenly throughout, not just the outer areas first. Take a look at our selection of ovens to find out what suits you best.

What should I look for when buying an oven?

When buying any oven, you need to make sure that it is within your budget, has a range of different features that you will enjoy and suits your style of cooking. You also need to make sure that it fits into your kitchen, especially if you are replacing an old appliance and you want to fill the same space. 

Is it cheaper to use a top oven or a fan oven?

A top oven is usually a lot smaller than a bottom fan oven, and as a result, it is able to use less power and energy to heat up.

What is a good size oven?

A good oven should be at least 60L in capacity. This will allow enough space to create one or two dishes at a time, which for many, is just enough.

What is the best electric oven?

That is completely based on what you need or require. The “best” oven will be the oven that suits you and your needs (and budget) the most. Shop our range here.