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D.I.D Electrical Blog


  • Back to School Dinner Ideas; Our Top Slow Cooker Recipes

    As the evenings start to get longer and the kids are heading back to school it can be a chore to get the dinner ready at the end of a busy day. A slow cooker is a perfect investment for a busy household. Just add your ingredients, let the slow cooker do the work and [...]

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  • The Best BBQ Recipes for the Ultimate Staycation

    Have you planned your staycation yet? Whether you are chilling in your back garden, taking your tents on a road trip or renting a home away from home, a BBQ is the perfect family fun weekend activity. All you need is tasty food, great company and a little bit of good (fingers crossed) weather.
    Check out [...]

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  • How to Descale a Nespresso Machine

    What is Limescale?
    Limescale can build up in your coffee machine over time, which can affect the taste and quality of your coffee. Limescale is a white chalk-like substance made up of calcium carbonate. It can build up in your kettle, coffee machine, steam oven and other appliances that use hot water. If you live in [...]

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  • DID you know about our new Ranges?

    At DID we are always trying to make life as hassle-free as possible. So, we have a wide range of new products to make thing a little easier during these unusual times. Whether you need home office gadgets, gardening equipment or health and wellness technology; we have you covered.
    Keep an eye on our new ranges [...]

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  • DID's Ultimate Fast & Easy Smoothie Recipes

    Looking for a way to switch up breakfasts and snacks during lockdown? Eating from home is great, you save money, you can plan your meals and it’s usually healthier. However, sometimes it can get a little boring having the same dishes every day. So, we have a few tasty recipes which can be thrown together [...]

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  • The Ultimate Guide to buying your First Fitness Tracker

    Are you looking to purchase your first fitness tracker but you aren’t sure where to start? Check out our top tips and advice below.
    What Does a Fitness Tracker Track?
    Your fitness tracker will help you to track several aspects of your fitness. This includes:
    - Sleep
    - Steps
    - Workout Sessions
    - Heart Rate (if your tracker has a HR [...]

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  • DID Electrical’s Ultimate Fun at Home Guide

    The June bank holiday is here. Keeping the family entertained can be challenging at the best of times. With everyone staying closer to at home for the bank holiday, we have pulled together a few ideas to keep you all entertained.
    Join the TikTok family
    Get the whole house together and take part in a TikTok dance [...]

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  • Top Tips for Keeping Food Fresh with Bosch

    Contributing positively to economic and environmental sustainability is on everyone’s agenda and now more than ever. Food is too important to waste, but in Ireland, one million tonnes of food waste is disposed every year and the cost per household is €400 - €1000.
    It can be hard to keep food fresh for long, forgetting to [...]

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  • Top Tips for Perfect Laundry with Bosch

    Laundry consumes time and energy, it is a manual task making sure we don’t mix a red sock with our whites, our delicate fabrics are kept separate from our day to day and the right setting is selected so that we avoid any laundry shrinkage. Are you sure you are doing your laundry correctly? Follow [...]

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  • DID Electrical's Ultimate Batch Cooking Recipes

    Since the start of the Stay Home campaign, our Instagram stories have been filled with pictures of homemade muffins, loaves of banana bread and other tasty treats. So, we were inspired to pull together some of our favourite batch cooking recipes. If you are working from home, trying to keep the family entertained or looking [...]

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