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Portable Bluetooth Speakers

The ultimate way to listen to music loud and on the go, portable Bluetooth speakers are the best way to enjoy your favourite music with others, and here at DID we have an amazing set of speakers at a variety of price points.

From €50 JBL budget picks to €500 Sonyspeakers with bass boost technology and enough sound capability to fill a massive hall, there is something in-store or online for every music fan. We even stock speakers that are perfect for parties and have built-in light shows, and don’t you worry, for those at you that want to rock out on the beach or by the pool, some of the speakers are water-resistant too.

If you want to browse our collection of portable Bluetooth speakers up close and personal, we have 23 stores nationwide that you can always pop into. A staff member is always on hand to help you if needed and they are happy to answer any questions you might have. We have partnered with AIG to bring you the DID Protection Plan in case you need any added protection. This will cover your purchase for accidental damage and give you an extended warranty in case anything happens while you are enjoying the music.