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 With winter rapidly approaching, and the good ol’ Irish wind and rain rearing its head again, it can be of real benefit to getting ahead of the curve when it comes to heating your home. Here at DID, we look to provide solutions to as many home electrical-related problems as we can, and that is why we stock such a wide and varied range of heaters, from fan heaters, to convector heaters, to patio heaters, in each of our 23 stores Ireland-wide, we stock all of the heaters that you could possibly need to keep your home warm this winter.

With leading brands like Winterwarm and Dimplex in our range, you have the absolute best quality to choose from, and with prices for our heaters starting as low as €30, you won’t need to break the bank to keep you and your family warm. Feel free to pop into one of our stores, where our friendly store assistants will be happy to answer any questions that you have. However, if braving the outdoors seems like too much of a task right now, you can always order your new heater for delivery. So you can have a new way to keep your home warm without even having to leave it.