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Electrolux Microwaves

One of the most effective and convenient appliances that any busy household can own is the humble microwave. Here at DID, we are delighted to stock such a wide range of microwaves, and one of the most popular and high-quality brands among our ranks is the Electrolux collection.

When it comes to creating great microwave ovens, Electrolux doesn’t do anything in half measures. The selection that we have spans from €500-1000 integrated microwaves that will be sure to make any food in a flash and look good while doing it. However, don’t fear the price, because now with Humm Finance, you can buy a new Electrolux microwave now and pay for it later on in instalments. It is the perfect plan for anyone that might not have the money for a new microwave straight away.

You can always pop into one of our 23 Irish stores or order your newest Electrolux online for same day click and collect, or better yet, fast and efficient delivery. Do contact us online if you have any queries or consult our frequently asked questions section for more information.

Many of our Electrolux products have cashback included when you purchase too by the way, and with so many sales and deal drops happening on our site, you’ll be sure to pick up an absolute bargain.