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Electrolux Fridges

For great climate control, an Electrolux Fridge is the perfect addition to any kitchen. The climate inside your refrigerator is kept at a consistent temperature thanks to Electrolux'sDynamicAir feature. Because cool air is circulated throughout, your food is kept from heating up even when the door is opened. With the help of the Humidity Control drawer, enjoy wonderful vegetables for longer. It offers the ideal climate for food storage by controlling the moisture in the air. Herbs and leafy greens store best when the vents are closed, whereas storage is best when the vents are opened. If accessibility is an important factor, Electrolux's completely extensible drawer allows you to reach produce with ease. Accessing your fresh food has never been simpler, because of its practical design, it can be fully pulled out. providing a simpler approach to obtain and keep any items you desire. We have integratedand freestanding fridges on show bothin-store andonline, here at DID Electrical.