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The iPaddevice can be used for browsing the Web, listening to music, watching movies, reading e-books and playing games, among many other functionalities.

You can find the iPad in different sizes each answering your needs, the iPad Mini 8.3’’ is meticulously designed to be absolutely beautiful. An all-new enclosure features a new, larger edge-to-edge screen and narrow borders with elegantly rounded corners.

The  IPad A13 10.2" is easy to use and extremely powerful, let yourself be amazed by the incredible detail and vivid colours offered by both these models. PadOS 15 also pushes the capabilities of the iPad further with more discoverable multitasking, new ways to find and organise information, and enhanced note‑taking.

Choose a DID Protection Plan powered by AIG and save yourself time and expense if an issue arises. DID Protection Plans are a complete warranty, offering accidental damage and giving yourself peace of mind with your new iPad device.

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