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70+ inch TVs

They always say that bigger is better, and we certainly think that is the case when it comes to televisions here at DID. But just because the television is big does not mean that the price has to match it. Not only do we have regular sales both in-store and online, but we even have deal drops that will see you make even more savings on the televisions that you crave the most.

Each of the 70+ inch televisions in our collection comes with guaranteed quality and has been designed by leading brands such as Samsung and Sony, and whether you are happy to pay €5000 for a 75” 8K LED Smart TV, or €900 for a 75” 4K UHD TV, there is something both in-store and on the website for everyone.

We have a comprehensive finance package with Humm Finance for anyone that cannot fork out the money required right away, and we have protection plans in place for anyone looking for an extended warranty or accidental damage cover. You never know when you might need it.