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Top Tips for Perfect Laundry with Bosch

Laundry consumes time and energy, it is a manual task making sure we don't mix a red sock with our whites, our delicate fabrics are kept separate from our day-to-day and the right setting is selected so that we avoid any laundry shrinkage. Are you sure you are doing your laundry correctly? Follow these Bosch laundry Top Ten Tips to achieve perfect results with your laundry.  

Bosch's Top Ten Tips to achieve perfect results with your laundry

Simple tasks can sometimes prove more complicated than they need to be, follow these top tips for doing your laundry and the days of miscoloured, reshaped and delicate damage to your laundry are over.

1. Have a separate laundry basket for whites and colours - No more laundry sorting and saving you time to enjoy things you love to do.

2. Always remember to empty pockets on clothing - you don't want your phone, keys or purse to go for a spin too.

3. Read the labels to check if your clothing should be turned inside out and Unfold cuffs on shirt, ties and socks

4. For delicate laundry invest in a zippered mesh bag.

5. Understand your machine - what features does it have? Such as Cottons, EasyCare MixedLoad and Delicates such as; wool, satin and silk.

6. Adjust the temperature from time to time - colder temperatures contribute positively to the environment.

7. Take your laundry out of the drum - we are all guilty of leaving it and forgetting it is ready to be placed in tumble dryer or hung out in the sunshine.

8. Use less detergent - more detergent increases water usage and contributes very little difference to the cleanliness and smell of the laundry while also impacting negatively on the environment and the change in your pocket.

9. For urgent washing - use the SuperQuick 15 or WashDry 60 setting to have your laundry ready the same day you need it.

10. Wash your drum - yes you read that right, wash your washing machine drum every 2-3 months - gunk and grime from your detergent and mould that can come from your laundry can stay in the drum and this can affect the washing result of your laundry.  

In Ireland, water conservative is at the heart of our environmental strategy and laundry can use 13,000 gallons of water a year per household, so how can we change this? The Bosch Serie 6 8kg i-Dos Washing Machine is a water and energy-efficient solution that has intelligent dosing technology to ensure there is a perfect dose every time. Eliminating detergent and water wastage while ensuring immaculate results and cost savings for your home. Check out i-Dos technology below!

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