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Top Tips for Keeping Food Fresh with Bosch

Contributing positively to economic and environmental sustainability is on everyone's agenda and now more than ever. Food is too important to waste, but in Ireland, one million tonnes of food waste is disposed of every year and the cost per household is €400 - €1000. It can be hard to keep food fresh for long, forgetting to eat it before the sell-by date and not noticing the rotting of perishable goods in the back of the fridge. Throwing away money and food is never on the agenda so here's how to change that. As 45% of all fruit and vegetables are wasted every year, how do we keep our perishable goods stay fresh? Check out our top food fresh tips with Bosch.

Tips & Tricks to Keep Food Fresh

  1. Remember to check the date when purchasing your food, if the sell by date is within the next couple of days, have a recipe ready and use it as an ingredient.
  2. Utilise the first in first out rule . Order your fridge shelves to have your oldest purchases at the bottom and newest purchases at the top and work your way down, to enjoy all your food at its freshest moment.
  3. Meal Planning: write up a weekly meal plan to use up food that can be cooked not chucked!
  4. Perishable Goods are no more! Make a soup, smoothie or stock and enjoy the goodness in a different way.
  5. Add it to your water. There are numerous health benefits to adding fruit to your water as well as great taste.
  6. Freeze what you can't save. Food that can be stored in the freezer and used again at a later date.
  7. Ask yourself are you storing your food in right place: Is your fridge where it belongs? Is your fridge temperature too low or high? Is it being stored with other food that will create more food spoilage?
  8. Compost if you can. We never like to throw out food but compost can make it avoidable, reuse your food scraps by turning food waste into energy for your garden.
  9. Last but not least explore Bosch's intelligent VitaFresh Technology, with all the features that were designed for precisely these purposes: Food waste is a global issue but with Bosch VitaFresh technology, perishable goods such as fruit and vegetables are kept fresh for longer, resulting in food to be enjoyed not wasted - a goal we can achieve. Near 0 °C for hygienic storage of fish and meat in a specialised drawer, as well as VitaFresh technology that keeps fruit and vegetables fresh for longer. In other words: more taste, less food waste.

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