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The Benefits of Upgrading to a Smart TV

Are you a boxset binge-er or a movie fanatic? If you love streaming content then a smart TV is the perfect bit of tech for you. Whether you are upgrading your TV or you are looking to get the most out of your current model, check out the benefits below!

Internet access, hassle-free streaming

Stream content on-demand with a smart TV. You can connect your streaming accounts directly to your TV Using wi-fi or an ethernet cable (depending on your TV model). Apps such as Netflix, Amazon Video, and Disney+ YouTube can be accessed from your home screen: so, you’re never short of something to watch. All you need is a subscription and a bowl of popcorn! You can also opt for a smart TV with built-in Wi-Fi built in; so there is no need to hardwire or have a dongle. Many TVs will have an app store, so you can download all your favourite streaming apps right to your TV home screen. 

Screen mirroring

Connect your smartphone directly to a smart TV using the screen mirror function. So, whether you want to share your holiday photos, vlogs or news articles you can share them with everyone in the room: without the need to huddle around a smartphone!

Stream content without the extra boxes & dongles

All your apps will be built into your TV, so you won’t take up space in your living room with extra media streaming boxes. Just make sure that the TV you opt for has all your favourite apps as this can vary depending on the operating system. You can then access all your favourite subscription services like YouTube, NOWand Prime Video, and Disney+ direct from your TV! 

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