Sounds Good to Us: Our top tips for improving the sound on your TV

Sounds Good to Us: Our top tips for improving the sound on your TV ()

Having clear audio is an important part of the set-up of your new TV. Your stunning 4K picture is no good if you can't figure out what the commentator is saying over the shouts of the stadium. Adjusting the settings before you sit down to watch can also prevent sudden spikes in volume. We have all experienced the fright when an explosion happens just after you turn up the volume to hear characters whispering!   Settings Modern TVs are manufactured to be as thin as possible. This sleek design looks great in your living room but can be an issue for trying to get the best sound possible. Some TVs will come with built-in sound bars or side speakers but most just come with standard integrated speakers. In this instance, you can try amending the settings in the main menu on your TV to ensure that you are getting the best sound possible. Some TVs offer dialogue enhancement, adaptive sound control and different sound modes. These modes are usually broken down into sports, movie, standard and music options. You should adjust these settings depending on what type of content you are watching. Sound bar A sound bar is a fantastic addition to your TV set-up. It can enhance dialogue and provide a much fuller sound. If you pair your sound bar with a subwoofer you'll get clear, deep bass which is hard to match on standard TV speaker. Many sound bars also act as Bluetooth speakers so you can connect your smartphone and stream all your favourite music and podcasts!   Home Cinema System If you are a movie fanatic or you love gaming, a home cinema system is a great investment. It will typically consist of a sound bar, subwoofer (integrated with the sound bar or stand-alone) and mountable speakers. The home cinema system gives you the flexibility of mounting or placing your speakers in relation to where you sit in the room. This will give you a very dynamic sound, which is particularly effective during the big battle scenes! Check out our wide range of sound bars, home cinema systems and TVs in your local DID store or online!