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Discovering 8K with Samsung QLED

What is QLED?

Samsung's 2019 range of QLED TVs has taken image and sound to a new level while integrating the TV seamlessly into the living space. Samsung QLED uses Quantum Dot technology to give stunning clarity and depth. It creates an immersive cinema experience using over one billion shades of colour to depict real true-to-life images. The is especially effective on its larger screens as you don't lose any of the quality when you scale up.  

Why Choose 8K?

8K resolution is for anyone looking to experience true cinema quality from the comfort of their couch. 8K has four times the resolution of a 4K screen, even if the content you are watching hasn't been filmed in 8K. Anyone looking to purchase a larger TV set should consider investing in an 8K model. The stunning resolution means you won't see the pixel structures, even as you scale up to 75'  and 82'  sets. While 8K is still relatively new to the consumer market, there is content out there which has been optimised for 8K. The sets will also upscale any existing 4K and Full HD content. Plus, we will likely see a lot more 8K content being produced in the future. So, 8K is the perfect way to future-proof your TV investment.  

The Perfect Accessory

You've taken the leap and moved to 8K. Fully enhance your cinema experience with the perfect TV accessory, a soundbar. Pairing stunning visuals with clear dialogues and explosive action scenes, a soundbar is a perfect partner for Samsung's 8K screens. You'll never miss a moment of the action! The adaptive sound mode will adjust the soundbar settings depending on the content you are watching. So, you won't strain to hear the whispers or blow an eardrum when a building comes crashing down! Plus, if you purchase an 8K QLED TV you'll get 50% cashback on selected Samsung soundbars. Check out the full range here.