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Fitness Tracker Gift Guide: Top Wearables to Get You Active

Just because it is cold doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be out and about. Sometimes it can be much easier to stay in bed or on the sofa by the fire watching television when it is cold or windy/rainy outside. And let’s be honest, it is Ireland, so those days are frequent, to say the least. But what if you were to have something to motivate you and get you wanting to move, to track your activity? That is where a fitness tracker or wearable comes in!

In this article, we will outline what exactly a ‘fitness tracker’ is and how they can get you moving, outline 3 of our most popular wearables both in-store and online and discuss their key features. So buckle up; we have a lot of gadgets to get through.

What is a wearable? 

Simply put, a wearable is something that can be worn. However, in relation to technology, it typically refers to the humble smartwatch or fitness tracker. Wearables can serve a variety of different functions, but as a general rule, they are best for helping users stay active and maintain good physical and mental health.

How Can a Fitness Tracker Get You Active? 

There are so many ways that smartwatches can promote active lifestyles. For one, they have step counters built into them, and the user is free to update the clockface (typically via an application) to monitor step counts, heart rate, movement time, and distance covered in a day. You might read this and think “so what?” but you would be surprised at how competitive you get once you see how much or how little movement you get during the day. A wearable is a stark reminder that we are not always as active as we think, which might get us moving a little more.

Smartwatches also have different workout settings that will help track your workout times and calories burned and might even have workout suggestions built-in. Fitbit's application is a great example of this because it has its own section on workouts and provides plans for all users.

Wearable #1:Fitbit Versa 3

The Versa has been the flagship Fitbit wearable for many years now, and the Versa 3 is a stunning upgrade on the previous models. Compatible with Android and iOS and coming with more than 6 days of battery life, the Versa 3 is not only a convenient wearable but also stylish in its design.

Built-in is a GPS system, menstrual health tracking, guided meditation sessions, 24/7 heart rate tracking, and workout heart rate zone monitoring. With the Versa 3 starting at €170-180, we think it is one of the best value trackers available. You can also spread the payments for your new wearable with our Humm Finance option, where you can buy your new wearable now and pay for it later on.

Wearable #2:Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Another powerhouse in the smartwatch game, the Galaxy 4 watch is a fantastic fitness tracker that will be sure to get people moving. With a built-in heart rate monitor, step tracker, a Samsung Health application and variety of health coaches, and over two days of high-quality battery life, the Galaxy 4 is certainly one to consider.

Prices can range for the Galaxy 4 watch, but there is a range of different colours available depending on your preference, and with the right sale, either in-store or online, you can get a great deal.

Wearable #3: Fitbit Ace 3

If you are looking for a slightly more affordable smartwatch that maintains great functionality and will help you/someone you know become more active, look no further than the Fitbit Ace 3. It is perfect for kids and entices them to complete more steps through the Fitbit App Kid View. This gives them access to their stats, badges, and all in a protected view. It is a fun and effective way to get kids more active, and at under €100, it is a steal. Available in different colours, we are sure that there will be a Fitbit Ace 3 to suit anyone in-store or online.

If you still need a little assistance on what wearable might best suit your lifestyle, feel free to drop into one of our 23 stores nationwide, contact us online or via our phone number, or consult our Ultimate Wearable Buying Guide right here for more information.

Fitness Tracker FAQs

Are smartwatches waterproof?

Many smartwatches are waterproof and most will have some degree of water resistance. Some watches will even help you to track your swims. What we would say is to take a look at just how waterproof some of the watches might be, as some may be more water resistant than others. If this is a feature you require then be sure to ask our team before you purchase.  

Are smartwatches safe for children?

Yes, smartwatches are safe for kids to use, and there are actually specified kid-friendly smartwatches that you can buy. Many watches have GPS systems, emergency call functionality and a panic setting just in case they get into trouble. Just ensure that your child will be responsible with these settings before use. 

Are smartwatches expensive?

The real answer to this is that it depends. It depends on which watch you are looking to buy, your budget, and what functionality and features you are looking for. Our collection here at DID spans a range of makes, models, and prices, ranging from €50 to €500. What you pay will depend on what you want to achieve and how much you are willing to pay.