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5 Gadgets that every Smart Home Needs; Work Smart, not Hard!

A smart home is a home that is efficient, modern, and economical in its use and creation of electricity, heating, and power. The beauty of a 'smart home' is that you can make your home more efficient and turn it into your own style of smart home without needing to buy a new house or take out loans for massive amounts of money. In fact, quite often, it is the little things that can make a home 'smarter' in its operation. 

This article will look at 5 gadgets you can buy in-store or online at DID that will help make your home smarter, more efficient, and more modern.

Wi-Fi Extenders 

With the world running on the internet, it makes sense to have something to help you optimise your internet connectivity on the list. A Wi-Fi extender is a perfect smart home gadget because it helps to boost Wi-Fi connectivity around the house, regardless of how far away you are from the router. So, everyone in your home can stay connected with an uninterrupted signal. A great way to boost your home's 'smart' status if you ask us.

In-store, we have a range of TP-Link Wi-Fi extenders that come in at a great price. Gone are the days of having to move your router nearer to your room or the attic or the living room, now you can enjoy the benefits of great Wi-Fi connectivity wherever you are.

Video Doorbells

If you are looking to give yourself peace of mind in relation to home security or monitor your home deliveries, then the video doorbell is the answer to your prayers.

How is a video doorbell a great gadget for a smart home? Well, they are an affordable and practical way to keep your home secure and see who is looking to enter without the need to open a window or a door. Many of the video doorbells in our range work using motion detection and allow for two-way talk; with some, you can even sync them to your Alexa smart speaker and add a chime noise that suits you. A video doorbell is a unique and fun gadget to have in your home. They are also very affordable and can be linked with additional security cameras for full home security.

Security Cameras

Smart security is the way forward in the modern home, and just by having a security system installed around your home, you are making it a true smart home and keeping your home more secure too. For a monthly subscription you can store all your security footage in online, so you'll never have to worry about losing your data. The costs can vary depending on the provider so be sure to investigate this before you decide which system to purchase. At DID, we not only stock a range of outdoor security cameras and systems, but we also have a range of indoor systems, from pet-specific security cameras to wireless carbon monoxide alarms, all available at a great price. 


We may have discussed Wi-Fi extenders already, but let's not forget about the real deal, the routers themselves. Internet is a staple in the smart home in the 21st century, and not having internet access means not staying connected, and in this day and age, that is not acceptable. Whether you work from home, love to play games online with your friends or stream the latest boxset; having a strong internet connection in your home is considered a home essential.

Luckily for you, at DID, we have got you covered with a large range of Wi-Fi routers and hubs to choose from. Each TP-Link router we stock is wireless, allows for dual-band Wi-Fi, allows local network access so that multiple guests can join in on the fun, and allows easy-to-use parental control for peace of mind. With routers available for as low as €25, what is not to love?

Smart speakers

Do you like the idea of talking to a piece of AI and it responds back to you with an answer or with your request completed? Have you ever wanted to know the answer to a question that you didn't know? Or have you ever dreamed of saying 'play my favourite songs on Spotify' and having a robot answer and begin to play your favourite songs?

Well, the likes of the Google Nest or the Sonos One Voice that we stock both in-store and online can make those dreams a reality. All you need to do is set the speakers up, connect them to your internet, and program them using their companion app, and within minutes you can set up your speaker to read you reminders, play songs, or give you random facts of the day. A perfect way to make your home more modern, more technologically friendly, and yes… smarter.

Make sure to pop into one of our 23 stores nationwide to take a look at your next smart home accessory in the flesh, or of course, shop online and order for delivery or click and collect. Our customer assistants are always on hand to answer questions and point you in the right direction. At DID, your next modern smart home gadget is never far away.