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Stay Connected with the Smartphone Buying Guide

Smartphones are all about convenience and making life easy. So to replicate that convenience, we have decided to create our own smartphone buying guide that will arm you with all of the tips and tricks necessary to go out and buy the smartphone you have always wanted.

There is a range of reasons why you may be in the market for a new phone, you might be hoping to upgrade, you may be purchasing a smartphone as a gift, or you might be just window shopping to see what each phone offers. Whatever your reasons, at DID Electrical we have you covered.

3 Reasons to Buy

When it comes to buying a smartphone, we think that there are three main selling points, and we call them the ‘3 C’s’, convenience, communication, and customisation.

  1. Convenience: This speaks for itself. Smartphones give you everything that you need in one place, they have app stores that let you download all of your favourite games or applications into one place, and through there you can access the things that you enjoy quickly and efficiently. The smartphone is also great for helping you to stay organised and stick to a plan. There is a range of camera and productivity apps available, and through these, you can apply changes to your daily and weekly schedules.
  2. Communication: After all, what is a good smartphone without the ability to communicate freely through it. Whether through social media or phone and text, your smartphone should allow you to communicate quickly and efficiently with anyone you please. In a world where instant gratification and rapid-fire response are so important, you should be looking at the speed and power capabilities that your mobile has too.
  3. Customisation: Again, this is important because you want your mobile to feel like it is your own. Add a personal touch by buying a cool case, screen protector, or keyring accessory to make your mobile look uniquely yours on the outside. In terms of internal customisation, some brands are better than others at allowing you to customise your entire mobile experience, but even getting the opportunity to change your lock screen and add apps of your choice is great customisation in itself.

3 Things to Consider

There are several things to consider before you make the commitment to buy any smartphone, but here are 3 of the most important things to consider right away.

Screen size: This depends on what you are looking to use your phone for. If you love to play games and watch movies, then you will probably want a bigger screen. On the other hand, if you prefer using your mobile to scroll through social media, stay in contact with friends and be up to date with the latest news, then a smaller screen might be enough. Many of the smartphones we stock in-store and online at DID have large screens ranging from 5-7 inches.

Battery: Battery capacity is measured in milliamp hours, and basically refers to how big a battery is. Unfortunately, this metric isn’t very indicative of how long a phone will last on a charge. All kinds of things impact how long a phone will last — including the display specs, network usage, and how often you do things like gaming on your phone. As such, it can be tricky to figure out how much usage you specifically will get. Most phone reviewers attempt to measure the battery though, so it’s worth checking reviews before you buy if you’re worried about battery life.

What operating system suits you: In the smartphone business, you generally have to choose between two operating systems — Google’s Android, and Apple’s iOS. These days, deciding between the two also means deciding which tech ecosystem you prefer as a whole. Apple’s iOS, for example, integrates with devices like the Mac and iPad, as well as services like iCloud, Apple Music, and so on. Android, on the other hand, leverages Google’s ecosystem, better supporting deep integration with services like Google Drive, Google Photos, Search, and more.

As a general rule, iOS is a little more consistent in what it offers and is stricter on what can be customised and downloaded on your system. While there is nothing wrong with that, it means that if you wish to customise your mobile, you are more limited. Whereas with Android, specifically Samsung, while you can download from third-party services, they tend to prioritise their own applications.

Good quality does not come cheap, and we understand this, so we offer a range of great products at affordable prices. See a smartphone you love but don't want to wait to purchase? You can consider our Humm Finance option, where you can get a quote, and buy now, pay later. What more could you want?

If you are a little stumped as to what smartphone might suit you best then do not hesitate to contact your local store, where one of our store assistants would be happy to help you out. Plus it might be best for you to drop into the store and physically feel what phone suits you best. Alternatively, call our online sales team, who will gladly assist over the phone!