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Save Energy at Home: The Ultimate Heating Buying Guide

The nights are getting darker, the days are getting shorter, and our homes are getting colder. That's right; it is nearly wintertime in Ireland. Now to be fair, an argument can be made that it is always winter in Ireland, and that might be true, but once November hits, that is when our homes need to be ready. Otherwise, we may find ourselves just as cold indoors as we are outside. It's time to get the heating on!

Many of us are feeling the pinch as costs for heating, electricity and fuel are going up. So we are all trying to save energy at home. This might well be affecting you and your pocket, so it is vitally important that we find unique ways of heating our homes; otherwise, God knows how much we might end up paying when the bills come in. Below, we have included a list of heating products that are stocked in each of our 23 nationwide stores and online. We hope that they might offer you a more affordable solution to regular central heating.

Electric Blankets

The beauty of the electric blanket is that it is versatile, inexpensive, and convenient. At DID, we have a massive range of electric blankets that come in all shapes, sizes, and settings. Each blanket is machine washable and comes with 3-4 heat settings, so you can choose the temperature that suits you. The electric blanket is the perfect heater because nobody likes getting into a cold bed at night. Simply turn on the heat setting of your choice about 20-30 minutes before you go to bed, and by the time your head hits the pillow, your bed will be warm and toasty. Just don't forget to switch the blanket off before you go to sleep. A heated blanket also means you can keep the radiators in the room down low (or possibly even off totally!), saving you money on your heating bills. 

From Imetec to Winterwarm, to Electric Blankets, we are home to some of the leading heating appliance brands on the market, and with blanket prices going as low as €40, you'd be crazy not to consider one this winter season.

Electric Fires

If you want to go one step better than an electric blanket, then an electric fire is the perfect solution. Electric fires have long been touted as being very inexpensive to run, and with the cost of heating always rising, the electric fire has become a far more common feature in the Irish living room. It is also often a nice showpiece as the current range is full of stylish, modern and more traditional designs. Here at DID, we stock a range of Dimplex electric fires that range in price but maintain the same outstanding quality throughout. Whether it is a €300 Dimplex Electric Stove, or a €4500 Dimplex Opti-V Wall mounted electric fire that you are looking for, we have every base covered to keep you warm this winter.

The only con to the electric fire is that it will only heat up the room it is in but considering that you might only need one room heated, this will save you even more money in the long run. Plus, you can always pair the fire up with an electric blanket and go straight from your warm living room into a warm and toasty bed.

If you find that the price tag is a little steep, you can always utilise our Humm Finance option, where you apply for a quote and buy your newest electric fire now and pay for it later. Get in touch with Humm for a unique quote to suit you and your budget.

Fan Heaters

Perhaps you could do with a slightly less expensive alternative to the electric fire. Well, if you don't mind using up a little more energy, then a fan heater is the way to go. Our fan heaters range in price from €20-100, and with each fan coming with various heat settings and modes, you have full control over how you heat your room. 

Oil Radiators

They might be a little old-fashioned, but for years, the trusty oil radiator was the staple of the Irish home. Here at DID, we have a collection of oil rads that provide a great way of keeping your home warm during the coldest months. Browse our collection here. 

Heating FAQs

Is Underfloor Heating Popular in Ireland?

Underfloor heatinghas become increasingly popular with homeowners throughout Ireland, this is mainly due to the fact that underfloor heating provides high levels of comfort, a healthier living environment and is highly energy efficient. Underfloor heating is particularly prominent in new builds.

What is the best energy source for an Irish home?

Solar panels are a popular choice with homeowners throughout Ireland. Solar panels capture daylight energy and convert it into electricity that can be used to power your home and will typically heat up your water. Wood pellet boilers, also known as biomass boilers, are quite similar to oil and gas boilers.

How many Irish homes rely on gas or oil for heating?

As of 2019, approximately 80% of Irish homes relied on a gas or oil boiler for heating, but the Government's aim is to get homes and businesses to move over to electric heat pumps as their heating source.

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