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Dash Cam Buying Guide: The Perfect Car Accessory

In case you haven’t heard, dash cams are quickly becoming one of the leading car accessories on the market. There are many reasons for this sudden rise in popularity, and in this article, we will discuss these reasons and provide you with a couple of tips on what to look for before you buy your dash cam.

Why buy a Dash Cam?

Ultimately, we think that there are 5 key reasons that you should look to buy a dash cam for your car. Our collection of NextBase dashcams is among the most extensive of any electrical provider in Ireland, and our selection has a range of entry points in relation to price.

  • For one, dash cams improve road awareness and overall driving ability. Why? Well, you can look over your performance and find ways to improve. Think about the best sports stars in the world. After a big fight or a race or a match, they will watch their performance over and over on tape to see where they can improve. The same can be said with you about your driving.
  • Dash cams are perfect for providing evidence in an accident. Think about it: the camera records everything, so if someone crashes into you, or something else plays a factor and you can show that the accident was not your fault, you can clear your name.

  • The dash cam can also be great for recording parking accidents, especially for new drivers (parallel parkers we are looking at you). Not only does this help record potential incidents, but it can also be a great way to improve your parking.
  • Driving is not always plain sailing. Sometimes there can be bumps on the road. Dash cams are great for recording the weird and wonderful events that can happen while you are driving. Come across a herd of sheep wandering the road? Spot a UFO on the side of the field while you drive the country roads? Well, now you can provide video evidence to prove that you are not crazy.

  • Finally, dash cams are great for recording videos of road trips in the great outdoors. They are so versatile because they are not only for recording accidents or crazy incidents but also for exploring the beauty that nature provides. A worthwhile investment if you are looking to record your adventure along the open road.

Dash Cam Ireland Buying Guide

Our Dashcams

At DID, we providea large selection of dash cams both online and in-store. The main brand that we stock isNextbase, and the collection ranges in price from 40 to €350. Our most popular dash cam is the Nextbase 122 dash cam due to its reasonable price point (€70) and its range of features like the 5-layer lens, 120-degree angle viewing, and night vision.

In saying that, all dash cams in our collection offer a variety of features and can be installed with ease. There are also a range of micro-SD cards availablein-store andonline that will help you to record even more. With Nextbase, storage space is not an issue.

Before you Buy – 5 Things to Look for

Like with anything, certain things should be considered before you jump right into buying a dash cam.

  1. To start, you will want to ensure that you are getting the best picture and video quality for your budget. Many cheaper cams will provide 720p quality, but 1080p is where it is at. That is where you will get full HD quality viewing. A good tip would be to check out some footage of the cam you want to buy from reviewers online.
  2. Secondly, having a dash cam with good-quality night-vision capability is invaluable. Especially because many people drive at night, and accidents or events are not limited to daytime only.

  3. Make sure that the camera you want has a good field of view. A better field of view will make recording any incidents much easier. Some cameras also have a rear cam, giving 180-degree viewing; however, most dash cams will provide a 120-degree field of view.

  4. If you are looking for a top-quality dash cam, regardless of price, then make sure it has impact detection on it. Most dash cams will loop footage; however, this can be overridden if enough time passes. If a cam has impact detection, it will automatically save the clip that contains any impact and give you peace of mind. Regardless of how much driving you do, the important stuff will never be saved over using a cam with impact detection.

  5. This is not an essential feature, but some of the more expensive or high-end dash cams will have a GPS feature, which can be really useful. Why? Well, a cam with a GPS feature can pinpoint a location where an accident or event occurred, so it can be of added benefit if you are looking to compile evidence.

Dash Cam Ireland Buying Guide - driving

If you have liked what you have seen, then don’t hesitate to contact or visit your local store, where you can pick out one of our Nextbase dash cams. Alternatively, call our online sales team, who will gladly assist over the phone! Similarly, you can always order your newest car toy online, small item delivery is super-cheap at only €5.99, and you will have your new dash cam within 3-5 days.