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Satellite Distribution

Our Satellite Distribution is a collection of essential components that enable the reception and distribution of satellite signals. This collection includes the Satellite Meter, LNB (Low-Noise Block), Satellite Dish, and Aerial Outdoor Antenna.

The Satellite Meter is a device used to measure the signal strength and quality of the satellite transmission. It is essential for ensuring that the signal received by the LNB is of the highest quality possible.

The LNB is a device that sits at the end of the arm of the Satellite Dish and receives the satellite signals. It amplifies and converts the signals into a form that can be received by the TV or satellite receiver.

The Satellite Dish is the main component that receives the satellite signals. It is a large dish-shaped object that is positioned outside the building to capture the satellite signal.

The Aerial Outdoor Antenna is a device used to capture over-the-air broadcast signals. It is also positioned outside the building and is used in areas where there is no access to satellite signals or as a backup option in case of signal disruption.

Together, these components make up our Satellite Distribution collection, which is essential for anyone looking to receive and distribute satellite signals. With the right setup and installation, the Satellite Distribution solution ensures a high-quality and uninterrupted viewing experience.

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