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The DID How To Guide; Get your Garden Ready for Summer

At DID we have a huge range of garden equipment and outdoor furniture. Whether you are looking for lawn care, barbeques, hot tubs or garden lights, we have the perfect gadget for you! Check out our tops tips and tricks for getting your garden ready for summer.

How to clean a BBQ

Cleaning the barbeque is one of the summer chores we all dread, but it doesn’t have to be. Follow our steps for a quick and elbow grease-free way of getting your BBQ clean.

  1. Get the right tools!

A stainless steel brush or wire wool is perfect for removing stubborn burnt-on food from your BBQ racks. You can buy special cleaning solutions or simply use a mix of baking soda, vinegar and water.

  1. Clean in between uses

Give your BBQ  a quick scrub down in between each use to stop dirt and carbonised food from building up. If you are using a charcoal BBQ then make sure you empty the ashtray after each use and wipe down the inside of the BBQ. You can use a mild soap for this, be sure to dry down your BBQ after to prevent rusting.

  1. Keep your BBQ protected

Keep your BBQ in a shed or use an outdoor cover when not in use. Keeping the BBQ protected from the elements will reduce rusting and keep your BBQ looking great! You can also wipe down your food racks with cooking oil once they have been cleaned and dried. Just add a small amount to a dishcloth or paper towel. Apply it to the racks to prevent rust and help to stop food from sticking.

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How to light a charcoal BBQ

You’ll need charcoal, lighter fluid and a lighter or matches. Check what type of charcoal you are using, some of these are preseasoned with lighter fluid so it may not be required. Always read the instructions for the fuel you purchase.

Step 1 – Remove your food rack and arrange your charcoal in a pyramid in the centre of your barbeque.

Step 2 – Apply lighter fluid evenly across the coals (if required) and leave for 1 minute to allow it to soak into your charcoal.

Step 3 – Using a long match, lighter or lit piece of card, light your coals. You can light the coals in several areas. Be sure not to add lighter fluid once the coals are lit.

Step 4 – Wait until your coals turn white before putting your food rack back on.

You can speed up the lighting process if you have a BBQ chimney. Light the coals inside the chimney, wait until the coals turn white and then carefully add them to your BBQ, spreading them evenly.  

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How to use a power washer

Always read the instruction manual for any new device. Each model and brand will have different safety features, it’s important to familiarise yourself with these before you use your new power washer.

Step 1 – Attach your power washer to your garden hose using the instructions provided with your washer.

Step 2 – Choose which nozzle is required and attach. Some nozzles give a small direct stream of water which is perfect for cleaning your patio. Other nozzles will spread the water allowing you to cover more area and giving a lower pressured flow.

Step 3 – Test your chosen setting in an inconspicuous area. If you are happy with the results you can start your job!

Power Washer Safety Tips

  • Never use a power washer when on a ladder. The recoil once turned on can throw you off balance.
  • Never direct a pressure washer towards a person or pets. Some washers are very powerful and can cause injury when they come in contact with skin.
  • Always wear safety goggles when operating high-pressure machinery.
  • Never use your pressure washer to clean windows. The high pressure can cause them to shatter or crack.

How to use a strimmer

A strimmer is a versatile garden tool. Your strimmer can be used for loads of different gardening jobs

  • Tapering - tilt the strimmer head and use the edge of the line to make your cuts. This gives a sharp line and it is perfect for doing near fences, posts or awkwardly shaped lawn edges.
  • Edging – this technique is used for getting clean edges where your lawn means patio, flowerbeds or driveway.
  • Parallel Cutting – move your strimmer in a smooth U shape to get an even cut across your lawn.

A strimmer can be a dangerous piece of garden equipment. Always read the instruction manual before using your new strimmer or any garden tool. Never leave your garden tools unsupervised around children and be sure to keep all electronic parts clean and dry.

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