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Smart Homes Start with Security

At DID we love getting our hands on all the latest tech and gadgets. So, we are delighted to introduce our new security range! Get extra peace of mind when you are away on holiday, at work for the day or waiting on an important delivery. Perfect for all smart homes!


The Ring doorbell is perfect for anyone looking to advance their home security. You can use the Ring app to see, hear and speak to any visitors from your smartphone, tablet or PC. It's ideal for when you are travelling or won't be home to accept a delivery. The doorbell also has motion sensors that use infrared night vision and have a weather-resistant design so you can monitor your home at any time. These door bells can be used wirelessly or connected to your current doorbell system. Be sure to ask one of our experts to see which is suitable for your home.


The Ring spotlight is a HD camera with two-way talk and lights for improving your home security. With the spotlight, you can customize the motion areas to keep an eye on the important areas of your property. This is particularly useful if you want to keep an eye on a parked motorbike or car in your driveway. The spotlight also has a built-in 110-decibel alarm which is a great deterrent for any potential burglars.


The Ring stick-up cameras are perfect for monitoring areas inside and outside your property. It's great for anyone who keeps pets at home while out at work or running daily errands. You can access your stick-up camera and make sure your pet is behaving while you are out of the house! You can also record and share the video with your friends and family.

Check out the full safety and security range here.