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Dishwasher and Washer Limescale Treatment

How many times have you looked into your kettle to see the dreaded furry build up or poured a hot drink and have limescale fall into it – well now think of your Dishwasher or Washing Machine and imagine the element in there being “caked up” in the same way! A caked-up element in a dishwasher, washing machine or washer dryer causes all sorts of problems. The machine will need to use more detergent and more energy to do the job effectively which means it will cost you more to run.  Not to mention the worst-case scenario where the element needs to be replaced entirely. Here are some anti-limescale treatment options for you to consider.

Anti-Limescale Tablets or Powder:
The first thing that comes to mind is “washing machines live longer with Calgon!” These tablets are recommended at one tablet per wash for hard water areas for best results. However, such treatment can get expensive when over the course of the year. If you’re using both your washer and dishwasher once a day you’ll spend over €100 per year on anti-limescale tablets.

Electrolux Anti -limescale Device:
Electrolux Anti Limescale Device is a powerful magnet that splits the limescale at the point where the water enters the machine. The magnetic force deters the limescale molecules from getting together to deposit on the heating elements. This device helps prevent a build-up of limescale, reducing the need to use chemical descaler and providing you with softer laundry and brilliantly clean crockery. It prolongs the life of your domestic appliances and saves energy. You fit it to the inlet pipe of the machine so it's ideal to do at the time of installation of an appliance but with a bit of faff can be retrofitted. It's a once-off purchase of €11.99 from DID Electrical. Completely ecological, does not change the organoleptic properties of the water. Buy Now>>

As always please refer to your appliance manual for detailed instructions on how to best care for your appliance. Until next time. Happy washing!